Alban Le Luel (Nantes 1967 - )


Alban (b.1967) lives and works in Paris. He is graduated from Ecole des Gobelins in Paris. He started his career as a set designer for animated movies before deciding to focus on his own art ten years ago. Alban is presented by several art galleries in France and Israel and in the UK with >french art studio since 2006.

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Work Selection

Alban Le Luel - Zoya


Alban Le Luel - USA 1970

USA 1970

Alban Le Luel - Yellow tip

Yellow tip

Alban Le Luel - Italia 5

Italia 5

Alban Le Luel - America 2

America 2

Alban Le Luel - Red Star IV

Red Star IV

Alban Le Luel - Kristen