Alexey Alpatov (Moscow 1968 - )


Alexey Alpatov was born in 1968 in Moscow. He didn’t get professional artistic education, trained painting by himself.
Nature and the city are the main characters in Alexey Alpatov’s paintings, thus is why his favorite genre is the landscape. Despite the fact that the works usually have the features of monochrome cold colors, this beautiful palette, filled the inner glow, forming his unique style. A separate chapter of Alexey Alpatov’s artworks goes with the sea theme, which the artist depicts in various states – from a serene calmness with moored boats on the coast to a night hurricane in the middle of the ocean.
Since 1990 the artist actively participates at art fairs in Russia and abroad: Art Stage Singapore, Scope Miami, Context Art New York, Art China, Art Moscow etc. At the moment, Alexey Alpatov lives and works in Moscow.

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