Alma Selimovic (Croatia 1990 - )


Alma Selimovic was born in Croatia, but was brought to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) when she was really young. She had the benefit of being raised by her grandparents and often watched her grandfather carve figurines out of wood to keep her entertained.

In early 1992 when war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alma and her family lived in Sarajevo which was besiege for 1,425 days. They experienced constant shelling, sniper attacks, atrocities and constant shortages of food, water, electricity and gas.

In 2006, Alma got involved in LGBTIQ activism with the Organization Q. At that time she was already enrolled at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Her work “Metal” was exhibited at the the first Queer Sarajevo Festival in 2008 when the festival was attacked at its opening. Alma received her BFA degree in 2009. As one of the more prominent LGBTIQ activists and artists in BiH, she faced violence and threats and in 2009 she came to the USA where she was granted political asylum. Alma finished the MFA program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in 2015.

Work that Alma makes explore the idea of identities and life that occurs as a result of those. As a foreigner and a new native, Bosnian, woman, lesbian, asylee, an LGBTIQ activist, and an artist, she has often had to feel dual nature of those identities. Sense of loss of home mixed with the world of opportunities, building a community mixed with isolation of individual.

Alma is interested in the identity or aliveness that is no longer based on typical acceptance and validation nor impacted by rejection and exclusion. It just is what it is, influenced by circumstance while now standing beyond them. There is still life, rawness, and unimaginable depth and beauty to enjoy and learn from.

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