Bagdagul Demirturk (Zonguldak, Turkey 1972 - )


Bagdagul Demirturk was born in Zonguldak. She completed primary, middle and high school in Zonguldak. After high school she finished finance management at Hacettepe Univercity.
She was graduated from Sitki Kocman Univercity Bodrum Fine Art Faculty. She studied painting.
After she joined master program at Gazi Univercity for Composite Arts and Hacettepe Univercity for Ceramic Arts.
She has joined several exibitions with her ceramics and paintings.
Her concept is process and trace at her mixed media paintings, she created her works by combining rust and metals and aimed to create it dimentional in ceramic art.
Nowadays she has continue his ceramic art and painting at his own workshop in Bodrum.

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