Bastón Díaz (Buenos Aires 11/12/1946 - )


He was born on December 11nd, 1946. He studied in the National school of fine arts Manuel Belgrano, The École Nationale de Beaux Arts and the École Pratique de Haute Études of Paris. From 1969 he exhibited in individual and group exhibition. He was invited to make monumental sculptures in different cities, hightlights are:: Monumental Sculpture Park of Culiacan (Mexico), The Guadalajara Colonist (Mexico), The Zacatecas (Mexico) and Business City of Santiago (Chile). In Argentina his work emplaced in public squares in the cities of Bahia Blanca, Villa Gesell, Santa Cruz and private parks of Buenos Aires. Member of the National Academic of Fine Arts, He won the following awards, Sculpture first prize Manuel Belgrano municipal award (1992), Honor prize, National Plastics Arts (1993), Sculpture first prize Monumental INET (1997); Sculpture First prize Henry Moore Foundation (1998) and Harlequin Award and Artist of the Year, Pettoruti Foundation (2004)

He was born in Buenos Aires on 11th December 1946. He studied in Argentina and France. In Buenos Aires, he studied at the Technical Schools Raggio and the School of Visual Arts Manuel Belgrano; in Paris, he studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Practice La Sorbonne, and the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Vincennes (Paris VIII). His solo exhibitions include: Fundación Banco Patricios (1989), Gallery Ática Buenos Aires (1990), Gallery Ática Buenos Aires (1994), Dock del Plata - Art space (1995), National Endowment of the Arts Buenos Aires (1997) POINT - Puerto Madero Buenos Aires (2000) and Daniel Maman Fine Arts Gallery (2005). He has over a hundred exhibitions throughout his career, from 1969 to date.
He has participated in numerous national and international symposia: First Symposium of Monumental Sculpture (City of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 1993); Sculpture Symposium Argentine Credit Bank (1994); as a guest of honor at the National Fine Arts Academy International Sculpture Symposium (Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina, 1994); National Wood Sculpture Triennial (Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina, 1995); International Sculpture Symposium "Sculpture Park Three Rivers" (Culiacan, Mexico, 1995); International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture "Colomos '96" (Guadalajara, Mexico, 1996); International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture (Zacatecas, Mexico, 1997); National Symposium of Monumental Sculpture (Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina, 1999); International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture, Ciudad Empresarial (Santiago, Chile, 2000). Throughout his career, has received the following prizes: Second Prize Sculpture (Municipal Hall Plastic Arts Manuel Belgrano, Museo Eduardo Sivori, Buenos Aires 1969), First Prize Sculpture (Municipal Hall Manuel Belgrano, Museo Eduardo Sivori, Buenos Aires, 1992), First Prize Sculpture (National Exhibition of Fine Arts, 1992), Grand Prix of Honor (National Exhibition of Fine Arts, 1993), First Prize Monumental Sculpture (Republic Bank Foundation, Sixth Biennial of Architecture, MNBA, Buenos Aires, 1995 ), INET Monumental Sculpture First Prize - MNBA (Buenos Aires, 1997), First Prize Foundation Henry Moore Sculpture (MNBA - Buenos Aires 1998) and First Prize Sculpture awarded to Alberto Trabuco (National Academy of Fine Arts, 1998) Foundation. His works are the Municipal Museum Eduardo Sivori, the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, the National Academy of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Banco Patricios Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary Art Latinoamericano de La Plata, Monumental Sculpture Park City of Bahia Blanca, Monumental Sculpture Park City Culiacan (Sinaloa, Mexico), the Monumental Sculpture Park Colomos City Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico), Monumental Sculpture Park Zacatecas (Mexico) on Perez Miami Museum, among others

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