Cecile PLAISANCE (Paris 1968 - )


Working in a very masculine environment for years, Cecile Plaisance left the world of finance and banking several years ago when she settled in Brussels. Then she become a full time photographer and her work was exhibited in several galleries such as the Young gallery in Knokke and Brussels, Envie d’art galleries in Paris and London, Belair gallery in Geneva... Her work was also shown in the most prestigious international art fairs in London, New York city, Hong Kong, Singapore, basel, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto…
Her famous wall street journal lens barbie has been aquired by the Handler family (Mattel founders). Last june in Art basel, the former chairman of the museum of contemporary art of Chicago, Mrs Pritzker acquired one piece as well and the famous investor & dragon of the dragons’den canadian version, Michael Wekerle acquired his own in art Toronto.

Work Selection