Claudia Meyer (Switzerland 1961 - )


1978 College of Art & Design, Graphic Design Diploma, Switzerland

“Nature and human made elements are my unlimited sources of
inspiration. More than often I deliberately proceed to establish a
harmonious dialogue in between them. I then extract, suggest and
eventually emphasize underlying elements, and re-associate them
within a different perspective. Through a three-dimensional approach
and numerous supports. Transversality become my tool to re-defining
invisibles boundaries of energy and flows. In other words, what I am
trying to convey and accomplish is a sense of subliminal uplifting
dialog and or a source for inspiration and reflection through colors,
transparencies, lights, textures, materials and shapes.1982 Worked with Anton Stankowski
Born 1961
1983 Graphic Design & Advertising, Germany & Switzerland
1986 School of Visual Art, Computer Graphic NYC, USA
1987 Fashion Institute of Technology, Screen Printing, NYC, USA

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