Claudio Gómez (Argentina 1968 - )


Claudio Gómez was born in Bell Ville, and is a professor of sculpture and drawing. In 2004, he won the Antorchas Foundation Award. He has been featured in the International Sculpture Symposia in Hojer, Denmark, 2003-2004 as well as in Torino, Italy. He has had solo exhibitions in the Genaro Perez Museum, and in the Artis Gallery of Cordoba. In December 2009, he created work within the Caraffa museum. His pieces are reminiscent of mannequins, and male and female sculptural forms, influenced by his childhood. His mother was a dressmaker, and his father, a tailor. His work is highlighted by the infinite and perfect drafts of leaves, squares, and eyes... Realized with materials ranging from wood, iron, and aluminum. Recently, his work has been installed in the Capitalinas complex in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.

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