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Originally a private collection based in Mexico City, including the works of Latin American and internationally-renowned masters, Simons Gallery now boasts an ever-growing contemporary collection of emerging, mid-career and established artists from around the world.

This contemporary collection is located in Miami, Florida, and The Hague, Netherlands. Simons Gallery seeks to promote and support the relationship between the Latin American art tradition of yesteryear and the international contemporary artists of today.

Simons Gallery is home to an inspired mix of artists of all generations who strive to create exceptional art for its own sake and at times as a vehicle for change and social activism, from image to action. Simons Gallery artists — through their work — seek to inspire global awareness and instil a spirit of engagement and collaboration throughout the world, homing in on salient issues and themes that we as global citizens face.

The Simons Gallery participates in prestigious Art Fairs worldwide, as
well as ecological and social projects.

Self-Portrait - Leonor Anthony

Leonor Anthony Self-Portrait

Members Only - Leonor Anthony

Leonor Anthony Members Only

Beat Of New York - Roberto Polillo

Roberto Polillo Beat Of New York
Artist Roberto Polillo makes his artistic debut in the United States with “The Beat of New York”. In his unique style of photography, the image of the city and its iconic landmarks and world renowned buildings become the supporting element while the essence of the city is clearly the protagonist. In His New York City images he captures the city’s energy, electricity, people, history, color, diversity and majesty. The aim is the heartbeat.

The Journey - Daria Cipriani

Daria Cipriani The Journey

Think - Leonor Anthony

Leonor Anthony Think

The Dress - Leonor Anthony

Leonor Anthony The Dress

Out Of Love - Leonor Anthony

Leonor Anthony Out Of Love

Swan Lake - Leonor Anthony

Leonor Anthony Swan Lake

Beat of Cuba - Roberto Polillo

Roberto Polillo Beat of Cuba

Beat Of Cuba - Roberto Polillo

Roberto Polillo Beat Of Cuba

And the following...(life) -  Lili(ana)

Lili(ana) And the following...(life)

“Invisible Plague: Lot#1017” (detail) -  Lili(ana)

Lili(ana) “Invisible Plague: Lot#1017” (detail)

Beat of New York - Roberto Polillo

Roberto Polillo Beat of New York
Artist Roberto Polillo makes his artistic debut in the United States with “The Beat of New York”. In his unique style of photography, the image of the city and its iconic landmarks and world renowned buildings become the supporting element while the essence of the city is clearly the protagonist. In His New York City images he captures the city’s energy, electricity, people, history, color, diversity and majesty. The aim is the heartbeat.

Beat Of New York - Roberto Polillo

Roberto Polillo Beat Of New York
Artist Roberto Polillo makes his artistic debut in the United States with “The Beat of New York”. In his unique style of photography, the image of the city and its iconic landmarks and world renowned buildings become the supporting element while the essence of the city is clearly the protagonist. In His New York City images he captures the city’s energy, electricity, people, history, color, diversity and majesty. The aim is the heartbeat.

Beat Of Cuba - Roberto Polillo

Roberto Polillo Beat Of Cuba
“The Beat of Havana” for Roberto Polillo is threefold: the battered beauty captured in the melancholic, colorful and ruinous buildings of the past , the sea – often in turmoil – and the people. I his quest to capture the inner identity of his subjects, he uses black and white images for the people of Cuba while full color for their surroundings. This choice emphasizes the struggle, the force and determination of their souls, without the distraction of full color.

The Whale Song - Daria Cipriani

Daria Cipriani The Whale Song

Non-Linear Dimensionality - Daria Cipriani

Daria Cipriani Non-Linear Dimensionality

Untitled - Daria Cipriani

Daria Cipriani Untitled

Exhibiting Artists

  • Lili(ana)  (+)

    Biography : “Lili(ana) is an artist who defines herself as multifaceted in respect to her expression on contemporary issues. Sometimes her way to point out what she covets is through installation, sculpture, photography or video… For a contemporary artist, the means used to express ideas is not really important but the concept of her/his imagination itself. Lili(ana) is a mental artist, that means her thoughts about art are first build in their meaning; the concept prompts her images. First her thinking builds the image, then it presents itself. Perhaps this is what every artist do, the difference is that in some this usual “doing” is more noticeable than others.” * Lili(ana) currently lives and works in Miami. She has been featured in exhibitions in USA as well as in France, Spain, China, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. *(excerpt from " Light Spectra" by Marcela Römer)

    Detailed Description : "and the following... (life)", 2002-2005 Once & again our essence gets a new vehicle to continue its given physical labyrinth in order to evolve, and also fulfill its part in the evolution of humanity. Such evolution is made not only by personalities but by the conjunction of all the souls incarnated in this physical plane and how each one walk their given pathway. How big the ratio or length of the labyrinth is of not important, but the quality of our walk through it is - our contributions. We might have periods of struggle in which our mental and emotional bodies need to adjust and upgrade themselves to solve the given situation, then chaos becomes just a step-up towards a clearer state of mind and better-controlled emotions. Acknowledging and connecting to our essence give us the ability to transform chaos into harmony; it gives us the ability to step into our next level. "And the following...(life)" is a reminder of the inescapable fact of life: the continuous return of the soul to the physical plane, an invitation to walk through it with mindfulness.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Lili(ana)       - And the following...(life) And the following...(life)
    •  Lili(ana)       - “Invisible Plague: Lot#1017” (detail) “Invisible Plague: Lot#1017” (detail)

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    Also represented by:

  • Leonor Anthony  (+)

    Biography : Leonor Anthony is a multidisciplinary artist based in Miami, Florida, with studios in The Hague, Netherlands and Brooklyn, New York. Born in Havana Cuba, she immigrated to the United States with her family as a young child. She is an accredited scholar, artist, photographer and published author. Anthony is world-renowned for her courageous use of materials and by creating works that invoke controversial issues in today’s society. She is recognized for using art as a vehicle of activism. With limitless styles materials and unprecedented assertiveness, characterized by violently expressive color and jarring compositions, Anthony is able to bring awareness to issues ranging from slavery, immigration, women’s empowerment, and environmental preservation. The imagery of her art is crafted through her unflinching willingness to elicit emotional reactions. Her intense but sophisticated style is a reflection of the artist’s unending search for freedom of expression and penchant towards iconoclasm. In 2013, Anthony was awarded the prestigious title of Artist-in-Residence at the Florida International University Honors College. She is the founder and curator of the FIU Honors College Art Collection and has curated several exhibits with subjects ranging from Prison Reform to the Environment. Environment preservation led her to create the NestGen Project. This biennial project, is comprised of artistic installations, incorporating a call to a collective conscience regarding our planet and the promotion of reuse, reduce and recycle principles. Two of her monumental works are part of the Florida International University’s permanent collection exhibited at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and The FIU College of Law. In April, 2017 Leonor Anthony was honored with the FIU Alumni of Distinction Award. Anthony’s internationally acclaimed shows are as follow: Aqua Art Miami, Miami Art Basel Week, 2016; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Valencia, Valencia, Venezuela; Con

    Exhibition : Personal Structures, Open Borders
    European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy, May 13th – November 26th, 2017
    Venice Biennale 2017

    Florida International University, College of Engineering and Computing, Miami, Florida, April 2017

    Aqua Art Miami, Art Basel Week 2016
    Miami Beach, Florida, December 2016

    MACVA, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Valencia
    Valencia, Venezuela

    Contemporaries at Uffizi
    Florence, Italy, November 2016

    Nestgen Ecological Biennale Project
    Florida International University, College of Engineering and Computing, Miami, Florida
    November 8th – December 10th, 2016

    Art Expo New York
    New York, New York, April 2016

    Leonardo Da Vinci Award, The Universal Artist
    Borghese Palace, Florence, Italy – January 2016

    Spectrum Miami, Art Basel Week 2015
    Miami, Florida – December 2015

    Le Carrousel du Louvre 2015
    Paris, France, October – November 2015

    Exposure Award, Musée du Louvre
    Paris, France, July 2015

    Expo Milano 2015 International Contemporary Art
    Milan, Italy, June – August 2015

    Da Caravaggio ai Nostri Giorni
    Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy, May 2015

    Premio Gulielmo II 2015
    Citta di Monreale, Italy, March 2015

    Biennale of Palermo
    Palermo, Sicily, January 2015

    Biennale of Paris
    Paris, France, December 2014

    NestGen Ecological Biennale Project
    Frost Art Museum, Miami, Florida, November – December 2014

    Le Carrousel du Louvre 2014
    Paris, France, October 2014

    Seoul Open Art Fair
    Seoul, South Korea, May 2014

    Synergy, A Grass Roots Artistic Populist Movement
    Miami Dade College Museum of Art & Design, May 2014

    Earth & Water: Our Planet, Our Life Exhibit
    Florida International University, April 2014

    Galerie Thullier
    Paris, France, March 2014

    Transition/Verity, Solo Show
    Miami Beach, Florida, January 2014

    Scope Miami Beach 2013
    Miami Beach, Florida, December 2013

    Galerie La Spirale, Solo Show
    Liege, Belgium, October 2013 - March 2014

    Beijing Art Expo
    Beijing, China August 2012 - September 2013

    Detailed Description : At the age of three, barely able to hold a pencil, I started drawing. And then I never stopped. I have been expressing myself through art my entire life. When I was five years old, my family left Cuba, commencing a lifetime of migration and hyphenation. This feeling of impermanence and non-identity, at home everywhere but not fully belonging anywhere became my way of life. This dichotomy of melancholy and ease, radical yet classical, underlies all my creations. All my work carries a message- social justice, equality, spirituality, intellect; my innate and passionate need to express inarticulate feelings. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go since creation can happen anywhere. Sometimes these ideas stay in the notebook for years, and they almost always become reality. I start preparing mentally to work much before I actually begin. I commence with a clear idea of the message and the overall feeling of the piece. Throughout the night, my mind begins the work and often new ideas form in my sleep, expanding on the original thought. I start working very early in the morning, with my mind at peace and fresh, dressed entirely in black. As a priest prepares for mass, I prepare to work. I start the music, which is classical adagios and always the same, and within minutes I no longer exist in this world. I do not hear anything and I don’t stop until either the work or my physical being demands it. I work completely alone, in the silence of my mind. I am an artist because I breathe. I pour myself entirely on the work until there is nothing left of me, yet when I “return”, I am reborn. I hope to my last day to have paint on my face and hands, to be able to smell the peculiar smell of the oils and my eyes to see color that surrounds me, inside and out. The impetus of my work is my need to communicate and share a common human experience. I talk, feel and hopefully touch, through art. My work is my word and my truth.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Leonor Anthony - Self-Portrait Self-Portrait
    • Leonor Anthony - Swan Lake Swan Lake
    • Leonor Anthony - Out Of Love Out Of Love
    • Leonor Anthony - The Dress The Dress
    • Leonor Anthony - Think Think
    • Leonor Anthony - Members Only Members Only

    Also exhibited by:

    Also represented by:

  • Daria Cipriani  (+)

    Biography : Daria Cipriani was born in Tuscany, Italy and she now lives in Vancouver, Canada. Her love affair with the lens started at 19 when she boarded her first ship as a Merchant Marine officer, carrying a sextant and a small camera. As she crossed the oceans the camera became her constant companion, documenting her experience. Today she continues to travel worldwide as a professional photographer. She is internationally known for her images of people, their struggles and moments of joy; their interactions with their immediate societies and surroundings. For the past three years Daria Cipriani has been engaged on a project with the Canadian First Nations native peoples, documenting their culture and their deep and abiding connection with nature, which are depicted in her latest works. The images shown in this exhibit have been inspired by the Haida Gwaii islands and the Haida people, their totem poles and what they represent, their symbolism and the stories embedded within them. Cipriani’s published books of photography include: The Journey Home, a story about First Nations children and their residential school; Paris — La Strada; New York — Connect and Disconnect; The Colors of Cuba; and A Soul Journey of India. Daria Cipriani is represented by Simons Gallery (The Netherlands, Miami, Mexico City) and has exhibited twice in Art Basel Week Miami, at Spectrum 2015, and Aqua Art Miami in 2016, at New York Art-Expo in April 2017 and at Context Art Miami in December 2017 . Her work is included in the permanent art collection of Florida International University in Miami, Florida, housed at the FIU Honors College.

    Detailed Description : Travel and photography have been constant elements of my life. Traveling satisfies a primitive call to explore, a need to go beyond my own fears, to reach out to and communicate with people and nature, and to feel part of my own surroundings. Photography is a means, a formal language with no boundaries. As Salgado says, "it is an aesthetic way to communicate". To photograph is to establish a connection by engaging eyes, heart and mind in order to fix a vision, an emotion, a ''something'' that represents a split second of life suspended in the eternity of time. Those seconds make our story, translated into images. My composite Oltre — Immaginifico (Something Else: A World Imagined) represents an effort to go beyond reality and create harmony through layering several images, combining actuality and vision, an oneiric world inspired by love of humanity, by beauty and by hope.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Daria Cipriani - The Journey The Journey
    • Daria Cipriani - The Whale Song The Whale Song
    • Daria Cipriani - Untitled Untitled
    • Daria Cipriani - Non-Linear Dimensionality Non-Linear Dimensionality

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  • Roberto Polillo  (+)

    Biography : Born in Milan in 1946, Roberto lives between his native city, Rome and Miami. In the 1960s he photographed over a hundred jazz concerts, building up a complete gallery of portraits of the most important jazz musicians of the period. These images have been displayed in numerous solo exhibitions, and used for magazines, books, CD sleeves, and have been collected in his photographic book Swing, Bop & Free (2006. But then, after entering with his jazz images in the history of entertainment photography, in the early 1970s he decided to hang up his camera and embark on a completely different career, as both an entrepreneur in the computer software business and a university professor. In the early 2000’s he took up his camera again, exploring new different languages for travel art photography. Roberto’s primary objective is now to capture the genius loci of cities and countries. Like those nineteenth-century painters who sought the spirit of place with their brush, Roberto goes in search of the souls of the places with his camera. And so was born Impressions of the World, an artistic adventure that began more than a decade ago and led him to Venice, to Middle and Far East and to Central and North America. Exhibition and book Visions of Venice (2016) was the first chapter of this journey. Presently, he is trying to evocate with his images the future of big cities, with his explorations of the big metropolitan areas of the world, such as New York, Mexico City, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong and others (Future & The City project). To represent the spirit of the places, Roberto uses a particular artistic language, based on the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) shooting technique, a form of expression that involves creating images with long exposures and moving the camera while taking the photo.

    Exhibition : (showing selected exhibitions)
    Visions Of Venice
    Galerie 111, Paris. November - December 2017

    Future & The City,
    Trieste Photo Days, Trieste, Italy. October - November 2017

    Future City
    Bocconi University, Milano, Italy. February - September 2017

    Jazz Icons: Collection for the Centennial of Jazz
    MIA Photo Fair, Milano (Italy). March 2017

    Un secolo di jazz, la creatività estemporanea
    Centro Culturale Chiasso (Switzerland). March - April 2017

    Three exhibitions: Jazz Icons, Visions of Venice, Future City.
    VAP Venice Art Projects. Venice (Italy). May – June 2017

    Towers of Miami
    SorianoImmagine2017, Soriano nel Cimino (Italy). July -August 2017

    Adentro y Afuera el Jazz (with Roberto Cifarelli),
    San Sebastian Art Fair, San Sebastian (Spain). July 2017

    Swing, Bop & Free
    BASE, Milano (Italy). November 2016

    Visions of Venice
    Fondazione Stelline, Milano (Italy). October - November 2017

    Towers of Miami
    MIA Fair 2016. Milano (Italy). April - May 2016

    Visions of Venice
    Tre Oci, Venezia (Italy). January - March 2016

    Impressions of Venice and Jazz 60
    MIA Fair 2015, Milano (Italy). April 2015

    Jazz ’60
    Anteo Spazio Cinema, Milano (Italy). February – March 2012

    Jazz ‘60/Street Art
    The Don Gallery, Milano (Italy). May 2012

    Il Jazz tra Europa e America
    Biblioteca Cantonale, Lugano (Switzerland). January – April 2011

    Jazz ’60
    Auditorium, Milano (Italy). October 2011

    Jazz ’60
    All You Need Is Photography Photo Festival, Milano (Italy). December 2010 – February 2011

    Swing, Bop & Free
    Chiostro di S.Francesco, Sorrento (Italy). August – September 2009

    Swing, Bop & Free
    FNAC Galleries, Verona, Napoli, Rome, Torino, Genova (Italy), 2007 –2008

    Swing, Bop & Free: Jazz of the Sixties
    Cortile del Palazzo Pubblico, Siena (Italy). July – August 2007

    Stasera Jazz
    Fondazione Siena Jazz, Siena (Italy). 2003 – now (permanent exhibition)

    I giganti del jazz (with R.Schwamenthal)
    Centro Culturale Cascina Grande, Rozzano (Italy). September 20

    Detailed Description : Roberto Polillo’s primary objective as an artist is to capture the genius loci of cities and countries. He goes in search of the souls of the cities of the world with his camera. And so was born “Impressions of the World,” an artistic adventure that began more than a decade ago. In his quest around the world, Roberto encounters cities of yesterday and cities of tomorrow. He investigates their different souls and relationships with their inhabitants, and exposes them in his particular artistic language. In this exhibit Roberto presents two paradigmatic cities, in which past, present and future are intertwined in very different ways.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Roberto Polillo - Beat of New York Beat of New York
    • Roberto Polillo - Beat Of New York Beat Of New York
    • Roberto Polillo - Beat Of Cuba Beat Of Cuba
    • Roberto Polillo - Beat Of New York Beat Of New York
    • Roberto Polillo - Beat Of Cuba Beat Of Cuba
    • Roberto Polillo - Beat of Cuba Beat of Cuba

    Also exhibited by:

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Other Represented Artists