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The Donghwa Ode Gallery specializes in the contemporary artwork of emerging and established artists from diverse backgrounds around the world. The artwork we present consists of paintings, drawings, pottery, sculptures, installations, and photography that exemplify the unique views of our artists and the high quality of their works.

Cubic Inception -  Kyung Youl Yoon

Kyung Youl Yoon Cubic Inception

Seed Portrait 12 -  Ilhwa Kim

Ilhwa Kim Seed Portrait 12

Space Sample 2 -  Ilhwa Kim

Ilhwa Kim Space Sample 2

Exhibiting Artists

  • Ilhwa Kim  (+)

    Biography : Born in Seoul in 1967, Kim Ilhwa received her BFA and MFA in Oriental Painting from HONGIK UNIVERSITY in 1991 and 1996, respectively. Using thousands of hand-dyed, cut and rolled pieces of Korean mulberry paper, Kim Ilhwa creates large-scale, textured works inspired by subtle changes in space and environment experienced in the modern world. Her meticulous Seed paintings, as she refers to them, won her the 1996 "Excellence Award" in the 16th Grand Art Exhibition in Korea and the 1999 Grand Prize MANIF Seoul Award. Kim Ilhwa’s works have featured in the SEONGKOK ART MUSEUM (Seoul), the GUANGZHOU OPERA HOUSE (China), and ART KARLSRUHE (Germany), among many other private galleries and institutions.

    Exhibition : Selected Personal Exhibitions
    2017 "Seeds of the Universe," La Galleria Pall Mall, curated by The House of Fine
    Art, London, UK (April 6-25)
    2016 "Seed Universe 天下圖," Dennos Museum, MI, USA
    2015 "宇宙的种子(Seed Universe)," 三玄社 Arte Place, Guangzhou Opera House, China
    2013 Art Karlsruhe 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany
    2012 Gallery K, Seoul
    2009 Insa Art Center, Seoul
    Seoul Auction Gallery, Seoul
    2008 “Golden Eyes”. Coex, Seoul
    2004 “Plant Sense”. Heiri Art Village, Paju
    Insa Art Center, Seoul
    THE SOCIAL gallery, Seoul
    2003 Chuiong Art Gallery, Gapyung
    2002 Insa Art Center, Seoul
    KCAF, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
    Wobong Art Gallery , Taegu
    2001 Myungdong Gallery, Seoul
    2000 Seongkok Art Museum , Seoul
    1997 Seonam Art Museum, Seoul
    1996 Jongro Gallery, Seoul

    Selected Group Exhibitions & Art Fairs

    2016 "Mastery of Craft," Opera Gallery Miami, FL, USA
    "A Sustaining Life," Waterfall Gallery, NYC, USA
    Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA
    Context Art Miami, Miami, FL, USA
    "The Assembly: Cumulative Practices in Contemporary Art, " Opera Gallery Hong
    Kong, China
    SOFA(Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design), Navy Pier, Chicago, USA
    Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada
    Art Elysees, Champ-Elysees, Paris, France
    "Shades of Blue," Opera Gallery Monaco, Monaco
    "Summer Art Loft," Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, USA
    Dennos Museum Solo Show, "Seed Universe 天下圖," MI, USA
    ART16, Olympia, Lonon, UK
    "Touch of KOREA," Kalman Maklary Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
    Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
    "The Need For My Care," Watefall Mansion & Gallery, New York, USA
    BRAFA, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium

    2015 "Regeneration," Opera Gallery, Paris, France
    Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
    START, Saatchi

    Detailed Description : Ilhwa Kim’s work is composed of tens of thousands of individual seed units. Each seed unit is comprised of straight lines and circles, each of which signify their own tiny “universe”. The materials are not given, but created personally for each single universe. Kim dyes each sheet of paper by hand with thousands of different colors and cuts and rolls the layers of paper to make it rigid. It gives her an emotional bonding to each single universe. There is not a single universe has the same shape, look, color in her work. Kim recieved her Masters of Fine Arts in Oriental Painting from Hong-Ik University in Seoul in 1996. Her work has been exhibited at several notable galleries and venues, including the Seoul Art Center, Insa Art Center (Seoul), Dennos Museum (Michigan), The House of Fine Art (London), Art Miami, CONTEXT Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, and Art Paris.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Ilhwa Kim - Space Sample 2 Space Sample 2
    •  Ilhwa Kim - Seed Portrait 12 Seed Portrait 12

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  • Yong R. KWON  (+)

    Detailed Description : Yong R. Kwon creates paintings of dancing light made of hundreds of stainless steel discs axed to canvas. rough a process of grinding and polishing the stainless steel to create a highly reective, mirror-like surface, he then cuts the steel into smaller units before hammering them to disperse the light’s reection. Duality plays a key role in Kwon’s work. His constructions resemble completely empty spaces before the lights are turned on and ll the discs, immersing the canvas and beyond with innite reections. e essence of his paintings is light in all its contrasts – intangible yet captured, massless yet formed, uncontainable yet directed. Kwon’s art speaks to a truth of life, one which reveals that true beauty and fulllment cannot be attained through a willful command, but rather through an “emptying out”, a recognition of individual powerlessness. “My art is light. I don’t use light as a means to complete my artworks; the light itself is the essence and

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  • Jeongmin Suh

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  • Jeong Min Suh  (+)

    Detailed Description : The artwork of Jeong-min Suh employs the timeless structures of geometry while simultaneously pursuing an idiosyncratic aesthetic that combines cultural references with unusual formal techniques. These elegant and somewhat imposing works are neither painting nor sculpture, yet have properties of both. The paper Suh uses is made out of Buddhist prayer paper from Korean hanji, from the inner bark of Mulberry trees, a resilient pulp that has for centuries been used by Korean craftsman to create everything from decorative items to furniture. Employing a similar technique as those ancient masters, Suh’s Hanji compositions dwell upon the duality of existence and use of natural materials in contemporary culture. Jeong-min Suh is a Korean artist born in Seoul. He received his BFA in Painting from Chosun University and an MFA in Fine Arts from Kyeonggi University. Suh’s works have been exhibited at Palazzo Bembo, Venice Biennale in 2013 and the KEPCO Plaza Art Museum, as well as in numerous solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad. He is the recipient of the Haengju Art Award in 2011 and 2005, and the Golden Award for Paper Art from the World Gallery of Drawing in 2013. His work forms part of the private collections of Hauser & Wirth Gallery, the Seoul Paper Museum and the Tween Tower Foundation, USA.

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  • Kyung Youl Yoon  (+)

    Biography : Kyung Youl Yoon was born in Kangjin, South Jeolla, and has worked as an artist in Seoul, South Korea, who eventually moved to El Madrid, Spain for his art education. He studied painting and printmaking at the University of Bellas Artes in Spain and then continued his artist’s career in Spain and Europe for 7 years. Yoon migrated to America in 1995, and he is still continuing his art career. He is currently living and working as an artist in New Jersey and his art exhibitions take place in Spain, Korea, New Jersey, New York, and recently Shanghai, China.

    Exhibition : 2016 The art Gallery at the Rockefeller St NY
    2016 The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Foundation
    and the Donghwa Cultural Foundation, NY, USA
    2015 United Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2014 Nabi Museum of the Arts, NJ, USA
    2013 Shanghai Liu Haisu Museum, Shanghai, China
    2013 Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA
    2006-2005 FGS Cultural Center, NJ, USA
    1999-2010 K.Fine Art Studio, NJ, USA
    1996 Gallery Icon, Seoul Korea
    Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul Art Center), Korea
    1994 Gallery Detursa, Madrid, Spain
    1993 Gallery Jain Marunouchi, New York, NY
    Gallery Siena, Ponferrada, Leon, Spain
    1992 Cultural Center- “Clock House,” Madrid, Spain

    Group Exhibition

    2015 Laura Borghi Fine Art, NJ, USA
    2015 ArtAspen, Aspen, CO, Donghwa Ode Gallery
    2015 “Abstraction and Penmanship,” Riverside Gallery, NJ
    2015 SIA Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY
    2015 “2015 Prospecting” Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA
    2014 AWCA Gala Exhibition, NJ, USA
    2014 KIAF, Seoul, Korea
    2014 Color and Shape, Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA
    2014 SHADES OF TIME Part -1, Gallery Korea, NY, USA
    SHADES OF TIME Part-2, Queens Museum, Queens, NY
    2014 New York Fountain art Fair, New York, NY
    2014 New York Asia Art Week, Artosino Gallery, New York, NY
    2014 Total talent international Belskie Museum, NJ, USA
    2013 The Gathering of the Artists in 2013, Riverside Gallery, NJ
    2013 Seol Won Foundation Gala Exhibition, Asia Society, New York, NY
    2012-2013 Prospecting 2013, Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA
    2012 Milal Silent Auction, NJ, USA
    2012 Breast Cancer Benefit at Trump National Golf Club, Silent Auction
    2011-2012 Exhibition of Fine Art, Blue Hill Cultural Art Center, New York, NY
    New York Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY
    2011 Exhibition Universe of Art, JS Sun Gallery, New York, NY
    Scope New York Art Fair, New York, NY

    Detailed Description : Yoon works with oil-based paint, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, plexi-glass, mirrors, aluminum, mixed media, and printmaking to create artworks. He tries to express his internal self, emotions, imagination, thoughts, and mind through his paintings; which are metaphorically expressed as an existence in a vast world, diminishing echoes, marks, and textures become seeds and new forms of a meaningful river. His motives can be seen in Pleasing Abstraction, Poetry of Metaphors, Approach, Itinerant Life, Elegy of April, Artist’s Sketch, and Distance between Form and Aspect. Yoon’s Pleasing Abstraction approaches viewers as a pleasure and joy, while his motive come from his agonizing and distressful reality and life. During his 7 years of works in Spain, Yoon was awarded with the First Prize at Summer Workshop Competition in Spain. The artist’s works were exhibited in “End of Career” and “Monasterio de Carracedo” at the University of Bellas Artes. In 1994, Yoon was invited by the City of Valdés arte O Barco de Valdeorras to do an exhibition of his works, and he was chosen by Exmo in Spain, which his exhibition was sponsored. With an art critique’s recommendation, ABC and El Pais Newspaper’s sponsors, Yoon was able to have exchange exhibition, “ESTE Y COMPLUTESE,” at various cultural centers like The Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art (M.E.A.C., Arte Contemporaneo) and Alcobendas for 2 years. Yoon exhibited at the Dongah Daily News Exhibition at National Modern Art Museum, and participated in the K.I.S. International Modern Art Exhibition in KoonSan. Starting from 1985 to 1988, Yoon’s artworks were exhibited at Seoul Modern Art Exhibition at Seoul Art Museum (Art Center). He was also a member of Korean Arts Associations. Yoon also had his exhibition at Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery and his work was also exhibited at the Queens Museum in New York, Gallery Korea, NY, 2014. Archive of Korean-American Artists Part Two, 1989-2001 Shades of Time

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Kyung Youl Yoon - Cubic Inception Cubic Inception

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Other Represented Artists