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Exhibition Warriors of Light, 2016, Cairo - Max Vityk

Max Vityk Exhibition Warriors of Light, 2016, Cairo

Warrior of Light no. 10 -

Warrior of Light no. 10

"Ludwig's Cave"

"Ludwig's Cave"
"Ludwig's Cave"
2008, Marble
Dimensions: 13"x 21" x 12". Weight: 77 lbs.

Peace despite Anxiety -

Peace despite Anxiety
90 x 70 cm

Exhibiting Artists

  • Max Vityk  (+)

    Biography : An American artist of Ukrainian descent, Max Vityk (b. 1964) began painting in the late 1990’s, after earning a doctorate in Earth Sciences. His primary education in geology, has greatly influenced his paint- ing style to produce canvases with unique multilayered rock-like textures, energetic broad brushstrokes and naturally vibrant colors. As one art critic wrote: “When Vityk looks at a mountain, he doesn’t see its top, but the forces that created it.” He has lived and worked in the United States, Ukraine, and The Netherlands and since 2015 lives in Cairo, Egypt. Vityk’s work can be found in private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide. See his website for more information on his work: maxvityk.com.

    Exhibition : Recent Exhibitions by Max Vityk
    2016, Group Exhibition at Summer Art Show & Sale, Ukrainian Institute Of America, New York
    http://maxvityk.com/album/group-exhibition-summer-art-show-sale-ukrainian-institute- america-new-york
    2016, Solo exhibition at ArtsMart Gallery In Cairo
    2015-2016, Group Exhibition at Ukrainian Institute Of America, NY Winter Art Show & Sale
    http://maxvityk.com/album/ukrainian-institute-america-new-york-winter-art-show-and-sale 2015, Solo Exhibition at SomethingElse O Cairo Biennale
    2015-2016, Group Exhibition “Contemporary Art Of Ukraine”
    2015, Solo Exhibition at Tauvers Gallery, Kyiv
    2015, Group Exhibition at The Museum Collection. Ukrainian Contemporary Art. 1985–2015
    http://maxvityk.com/album/museum-collection-ukrainian-contemporary-art- 1985%E2%80%932015
    2015, Solo Exhibition at Pete-Art Gallery, Kyiv
    2014-2015, Group Exhibition at Winter Art Show & Sale, Ukrainian Insitute of America, NY
    2014, Solo at Art Kyiv, Ukraine
    2014, Group Exhibition at Summer Art Exhibit, Ukrainian Institute Of America, New York 5 http://maxvityk.com/album/summer-art-exhibit-ukrainian-institute-america-new-york-au- gust-september-2014
    2014, Solo Show with Pete-Art Gallery, Scope Basel
    2014, A Journey: Solo exhibition, New York
    2014, Group Exhibition at Mystecka Zbirka Gallery, Kiev

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    • Max Vityk - Exhibition Warriors of Light, 2016, Cairo Exhibition Warriors of Light, 2016, Cairo

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