ART FROM BERLIN offers insight into Berlin’s influential art scene with five contemporary galleries selected by a panel of Berlin based curators and art critics. ART FROM BERLIN is presented at CONTEXT by the
Galleries Association of Berlin, landesverband berliner galerien (lvbg),, with official support from the municipality of Berlin and the European Union (EU). In the BERLIN LOUNGE, lvbg will install a curated exhibition and offer information on the city’s contemporary art galleries and institutions. This microcosm of the global art capital’s gallery community includes a cross-section of established and emerging exhibitors.

Brigitte Werneburg (taz Newspaper), Guido Faßbender (Berlinische Galerie Museum for Modern Art, Photography and Architecture) and Andreas Herrmann (gallerist and vice chairman lvbg).


Galerie Friedmann-Hahn; Josef Fischnaller, Edite Grinberga, Thomas Kaemmerer
Galerie Kornfeld; Stephane Couturier, Hubertus Hamm, Alexander Polzin
Podbielski Contemporary; Francesco Jodice, Loredana Nemes, Benyamin Reich
Tammen & Partner; Dietmar Brixy, Anke Eilergerhard, Thorsten Zwinger
Wichtendahl Galerie; Nicole Ahland, Katrin Günther, Annette Schröter




The Galleries Association of Berlin, landesverband berliner galerien (lvbg), represents art galleries in Berlin culturally and economically, supporting the sustainable development of Berlin as an internationally recognized center for the arts. Members of the Gallery Association of Berlin (lvbg) show a comprehensive range of art from the 20th and 21st century, fostering and marketing the careers of living artists through exhibitions, publications and public relations. The association, which operates by the standard guidelines of the Federation of European Art Galleries Association (FEAGA), is active in numerous committees of state-sponsored institutions for art and culture, and cultivates networking activities among many associates in the arts.