Eduardo Cetner (Buenos Aires 1961 - )



Eduardo Cetner was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1956. He studied with Maestro Enrique Sobish. Since 1978 he performs numerous individual and collective exhibitions in prestigious galleries in Argentina as in Art, Nexus, Aleph, Palatine, Principium and Rubbers International. In 1980 Eduardo Cetner he moved to Madrid, Spain, and in 1982 to Paris, France, where he participated in the Grand Palais of the important individual exhibition: "La America Latina en Paris" together with renowned artists such as Botero, Krasno, Lea Lublin, Segui, and Le Parc, among others.
He obtained the third prize of painting of the Universidad Complutense. He exhibits at Gallery Duran and the Provincial Museum of Badajoz, Spain, acquired three of his works.
In 1989 he returned to Buenos Aires and is selected finalist of the prize of painting Constantini, Fortabat, INET, and University of Palermo. He began the series "Zen in the City", where he addressed the issue of environmental pollution, proposing a reflective way of looking at it. The editorial Tusquets in Cataluña, Spain, illustrated some of his books with images of the "Zen in the City" series.
In 2000 he returned to live in Spain, and began his series 'Immigration' .He has being working on that subject for more than one decade to the present. He painted one of his most emblematic pictures "El Sueño Americano". This series is exhibited for the first time in the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid in 2001. He participated in the fair DeArte, fair Spanish Galleries in 2002 and in the fair Foro Sur, Caceres, Spain.
He won first prize of the Army of the Air of Spain in 2001.
In 2005 he returned to Buenos Aires and settled permanently in Argentina. He started to work with the Rubbers International Gallery performing numerous individual and collective exhibitions. He also participated in several editions of the ArteBa Buenos Aires art fair.
His exhibition of the year 2009 represents another twist. In "Paisajes Aparentes” (Apparent landscapes) he painted the desert of “Las Salinas”. The white, grey and blue skies dominate and put its figures in unusual situations. Eduardo Cetner exposed in ArtShanghai, China.
In 2010, he participated in the fair Los Angeles Art Show. USA.
In 2012 he participated in "People/Solitude" exhibition at the Gallery ADC & BuildingBridges in Los Angeles.
In the year 2013, he exhibited in the Red Dot Art Fair in Miami with the Gallery Isabel Anchorena.
In the middle of the year 2013 he began what it will be his most ambitious project: an art paint 25 meters long by painting 10 fabrics of 1,80 x 2,50 meters. In 2015, the art work is exhibited with the title "Between the River and the Sky: an American Dream" in the Palacio Duhau of Buenos Aires.
In the year 2015, with Sasha D. art space, gallery Eduardo Cetner participated of the fair ArtLima, Peru.

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