Edwin Baker III


Alida Anderson Art Projects is proud to sponsor "Art in Public Spaces" solo wall by Florida artist Edwin Baker III.

Curator Petra Wright has written about Baker: "There people whose light shines so strongly that it precedes them. People who exude love and joy and generosity with every movement and word. Ed Baker is one of those people. Love radiates from him.

Ed Baker is a 26 year old painter and sculptor born and raised in South Florida with studios in Downtown Los Angeles and Palm Beach. He is a self-taught artist who first started sketching and tattooing in his teens. After years of tattooing he was inspired to explore painting, now his primary passion. Today, he teaches painting classes to beginners in Los Angeles as well as painting live at festivals such as the annual Beat Swap Meet and Art Walk in Downtown LA and Culture Sundays in Pasadena, CA.

Rooted in street art, Ed has found inspiration in artists including Picasso and Basquiat. Though Ed’s subject matters and colors can be complex, at times even muted, reflecting the inner struggles we all face, you sense the inner strength that guides him through the darkness of hard times and uncertainty. It is there, like an intangible under-layer amongst his shapes. It reaches through his artwork and connects with you. He hopes to inspire others with similar upbringings and tribulations to channel their inner turmoil and transform the energy of destruction into creation through artistic expression. You may become thoughtful looking at Ed Baker’s work, you may feel energy or conflict or sadness, but never hopeless. Despair is not an option. He is right there to pick you back up to hit you with brightness and life force and messages of transcendence and love."

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