Eliana Petrizzi (Avellino 1972 - )


Works by Eliana Petrizzi are mainly contained within the rectangles of small board and encoded through a precisely controlled technique devised by Flemish artists. They point to the results of the elaborate and essentially ideist painting technique which this young artist has adopted. Nevertheless, the icy and visionary "interferences" with the formal registers of the faces. the figures and now the landscapes too, trigger different paths, pushing us to the edges of the chasm, towards the ridge separating these figures from the life they live in real locations, even as they assert themselves as actual presence. Petrizzi does not step away from reality, beyond its boundaries and into the surreal, although she is persuaded to give her artistic experience the value of a "medium of cognitive communication"
Relying on this assumption, we can trace a path that will bring us to, or close to, the processes that drive our artist's imaginative practice. Here is a reality seen through the filter of photography, which, in Barthes' words, "reproduces to infinity" something that "has occurred only once", that is to say it "mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially".

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