GUSTAVO VELEZ (Medellín, Colombia 1975 - )


Gustavo Velez is a Colombian artist born in 1975. He started his
artistic formation in the Fine Arts Institute in Medellin (Colombia),
and then traveled to Florence (Italy) where he studied Art History
in the school Lorenzo de Medici and sculpture in the academy
San Marcos. Subsequently, in Pietrasanta (Italy), he carved his
first marble pieces in the sculpture workshop of the Palla brothers
and his first bronze sculptures in the Marianni’s foundry, both
pretty much cult places for marble carving and bronze foundry
In 2013 Gustavo Velez was chosen for the solo show of sculpture
that is held every year at the iconic Italian town of Pietrasanta
(Italy). With the exhibition ‘Gustavo Velez Scultore a Pietrasanta
2013’ Gustavo became the youngest artist showing their works
on the Piazza del Duomo and the Chiesa di Sant`Agostino, and
the second Colombian artist, after Fernando Botero.

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