Gilberto Romero


Born: 1977 Santa Fe, NM

Apprenticeship, Gino Miles
Apprenticeship, Peter Woytuk
Apprenticeship, Estella Loretto

2017 Premiering, Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2013 Kristin Johnson Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2006 -2013 Pippin Meikle Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2005 Gallery 619, Santa Fe, NM
2004 Gallery 619, Santa Fe, NM

2018&2019 ArtPalmSprings, Moderism, Palm Springs, CA
2017&2018 SOFAChicago, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
2016 Joy, Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2015 Power of Place, Santa Fe Botanical Garden, Santa Fe, NM
2014 Peter Woytuk |Gilberto Romero –Collaborations, Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2013 Debut, Kristin Johnson Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2009-2014 26thAnnual Sculpture in the Park, Juried Exhibition, Loveland, CO
2009 Renew, Community Gallery, Santa Fe Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM
2005-2008 Owings-Dewey Fine Art, Annual Invitational Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM
2004-2006 Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival, Santa Fe, NM
2000-2016 Contemporary Hispanic Market, Santa Fe, NM

Sugar Hill, Edmond, OK: Acorn/Leaf Gate & Buffalo
Broomfield, CO: Morning Gathering
Carlsbad, NM: Gathering Spot

& numerous private collections

“I am lucky to live in a place like Santa Fe where it is possible for me to make a living doing something I love. My journey in life and art has just begun, and I look forward to the evolution of both as time goes by. There are few things in life that make me as happy as creating sculpture. Certainly seeing my children grow and learning things I have shown them in life – it’s all so rewarding. I am blessed to have such a supportive family and thank God every day for our health and happiness. I love the outdoors and draw inspiration from watching Mother Nature at work. The natural world is a tremendous inspiration in my life.”

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