Hakim Abukila (Egypt 1989 - - -)


Born in 1989, Hakim Abukila earned his B.A. in graphic Design - Print Making Division (2012) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria. His work expresses the outstanding energy coming out from the artist directly and spontaneously on the canvas or wood. Abou-kila does not depend on a certain material neither
focuses on one artistic category in his work, as he believes that all forms of art are connected to one back bone which is meditation in the surrounding and getting creativity out of it, that's why he likes to preserve his diversity by performing many art types such as photography, video, print making, sculpting and painting, rather than exclusivity in any of them.
He believes painting is the origin of all seven art categories and as it's the core from which art has
developed. Abu-Kila took part in various local and international exhibitions among them; Jankalees Studio, Alexandria, Egypt (2014), Lyon festival for Arab Revolutions, France (2014), Mail Art Atelier Alexandria, Egypt (2015), Turin Festival for Egyptians short movies, Italy (2015) and many more.

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