DJ Hall (Los Angeles, CA 1951 - )


Although women have been the apparent subject matter in my work, light is the primary subject . I’ve always been fascinated with light and how it evokes a continuum of time and place. My attraction to poolside settings stems from childhood memories of summer afternoons where I briefly glimpsed a sense of family, security, and joy. Ironically, my images cannot exist in physical reality, as they are highly contrived composites of various, real and imagined sources. I approach each new painting as though I am producing a film: selecting models, wardrobe changes, locations, props, time sequences, etc. For the photo shoot, I storyboard scenarios for my models so they will project what I envision. With the resulting photos, I add, delete, and re-configure information to achieve a strong visual structure. I build a “magical” work with hyper-detail which convinces viewers to believe in its reality. Portraying the passage of time, whether in momentary or monumental increments, is an ongoing interest for me. I like to think that my pieces are a visual diary of my journey through life. My work reveals a story with themes of momentary joy, loss, and longing.

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