Hyeongtae Moon (Korea 1976 - )


Born in 1976, Korea

2011     LA Art Show "Emerging artist prize"
2009     Designated as SOAF Young Generation Art Artist 10
2002 Won Art World Grand Exhibition / Gwangju Metropolitan Exhibition
New Frontier Exhibition / Mudeung Art Exhibition
2000    Won Art World Grand Exhibition / Republic of Korea’s Painting exhibition
Art work sponsorship for movies / Producing art works for promoting KT Paran.com / Art work sponsor for music video of the Group / Producing special album for the 8th music album of Kim Jang Hoon / the 2nd collection of Oh Ji Chong, Producing covers for 2nd and 3rd collection of composer group music mount and album director / Planning and producing web sites (Other several areas including KBS Online Challenge Golden Bell, Music Mount and Oh Ji Chong)

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