Joanne Tinker


Joanne Tinker is a self-confessed ‘collectaholic’, she has colourful boxes of sweet wrappers, bottle tops, buttons, butterflies, and papers all
collected and stored neatly in her studio, waiting to be given a new life. Tinker initially trained as a silversmith, but after quickly tiring of the traditional materials of silver and gold she turned her delicate hand to more common, everyday materials and objects allowing her to create large, beautiful and kaleidoscopic pieces. Tinker is an artist who seeks to transform ordinary objects into something precious. Metal bottle tops, acupuncture tubes, confectionery wrapping and aluminium cans have all featured as materials, although chocolate foil wrappings remain a constant in her work, not due to her love of chocolate, but due to her wholehearted appreciation of the material’s colour, texture, delicacy and strength.
Whether an organised array of tiny, miniature goblets made from brightly-coloured sweet wrappers, or rows upon rows of miniature chairs made from luxury wine bottle-tops, Tinker’s interest and skill in re-using discarded objects chimes well with these ‘recycle’ times. Tinker’s meticulous artworks always generate considerable interest from a diverse set of admirers, be it from Art Collectors, Museums, chocolate or champagne lovers, or simply due to the fact that these beautiful, joyful artworks evoke a certain sense of nostalgia to which most of us can relate.

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