J Jordan Bruns (Cincinnati, Ohio 1982 - )


J. Jordan Bruns was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (1982). In 2004, he received a B.F.A in Painting as well as Illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art, and received his M.F.A. in Painting at Indiana University in 2007. Apart from his current body of work, he is an accomplished landscape painter, spending 8 months living out of his car painting North America. His current work focuses on balance; most specifically order vs chaos and what he describes as abstract surrealism. The imagery is driven by his love of materials and largely from his personal experiences. His exhibitions have been viewed across the United States from a solo show in the Indiana University Art Museum to SCOPE Miami during art Basel. He is represented by Alida Anderson Art Projects at art fairs around the USA, and in 2011 he was a finalist for the Bethesda Painting Award. Currently, he is the Manager of The Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery, the resident artist in the Chautauqua Tower 2nd and 3rd floors in Glen Echo Park.

Work Selection

J Jordan Bruns - Hatchling No. III

Hatchling No. III

J Jordan Bruns - Anfractuous No. 12

Anfractuous No. 12

J Jordan Bruns - Hatchling No. 4

Hatchling No. 4