Joungsook Kim (Korea - )


Korean-born artist Joungsook Kim depicts the relationship between humans and nature on her canvas using Sumi Ink and Korean Mulberry paper, which can be considered as one of the materials that is the closest to nature. Her paintings are extremely tied to the landscape of Korea, especially. She paints her homeland, but she does not just illustrate the landscape or objects in nature, in particular. What she paints is “Communication,” which refers to the connection between trees, flowers, snow, memory, and human beings. All of her paintings are meant to capture memories or specific moments in nature, such as the experience of sitting underneath a tree on a warm summer’s day, or the sublime moment seeing a field of fresh, untouched snow. Rather than focusing on the mood and feeling of the artist, Kim’s paintings invite her viewers to communicate with nature, something that is sometimes lost and forgotten, but re-learned through the art of “Communication.”

Work Selection

 Joungsook Kim - Communication