Julien Graizely (France 1980 - )


Julien Graizely, born in the Ardennes in 1980. He lives and works today close to Royan.
Installed near Royan, the spectacle of the seaside during the summer remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Characters, sketch with a fast gesture and without concern of the detail, devote themselves to the joys
of the beach overcame by the heat. At this chapter titled Surexposition (Overexposure), the artist adds today a
new one on New York where he regularly goes for two years now. With large and rapid black lines, he represents
the density and the dynamism of this city that never sleeps when long run-outs accented the verticality of the
Julien Graizely works on paper today. He explores and plays with space, time and knowledges which he masters
and diverts by a lively and free gesture. From its paintings to its delicate drawings with infinite lines remains the
contrast, the light and the vibration. Contrast of the lines. A graphic line, sure, empty but vibrating silhouettes
outlined with graphite, superimposed moments. And then, the impulse of the gesture: the scrawl which erases,
the scratch which hides or fills, this thick and powerful black line which replaces a head who think.
Julien Graizely furrowed much the French cities throughout his formations (art metalwork in Avignon, visual
communication in Royan, Ecole Boulle in Paris after having obtained the “Prix du Travail et des Apprentis” in
2001). It is in Paris that the inspiration comes to him.

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Julien Graizely - Surexposition XVII

Surexposition XVII

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