Lee Yanor (Haifa, Israel 1963 - )


Lee Yanor is a contemporary artist working in the media of photography and video, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Yanor received her BFA in photography from the Bezalel Academy in Israel, and a Miatrise in Fine Arts at France VIII, in Paris and studied at Pratt Institute in New York. She has exhibited across the globe including Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, Indonesia and France.

Yanor’s work focuses on the abstraction of movement in human bodies and landscapes. She has worked as a choreographer, and clearly this has become a source of inspiration in her work. Movement and motion combined with the vanishing image are at the core of Yanor’s work. Yanor’s own choreography and her subject’s choreography dictate the composition of each piece, creating a connection between the dancer and the viewer.

BFA in Photography. Bezalel Academy Jerusalem, Israel
Pratt Institute N.Y., USA
Miatrise in Fine Arts. Paris VIII – Paris, France

Tel-Aviv Museum for Israeli Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris, France
Private Collections

Leon Constantiner Award. Tel Aviv Museum of Israeli Art, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2002

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