Lotta Van Droom


I was born and raised in a small town in the mountains of Saxony in Germany and now I live in County Galway / Ireland. I am hooked to photography for over 15 years now. It all began with an old SLR (a "Praktika") my Grandfather gave me. I started to photograph flowers, landscapes and ruins. In order to gain better control over my art, I bought gradually the equipment for my own darkroom, which I then set up in my first apartment's bathroom, I was completely thrilled with the possibilities to create my own perfect dream world. Six years ago I switched to digital SLR. It was not easy for me because of all the work and time invested in analog photography but it took not long until I started appreciating all the new possibilities. Nowadays I spend many hours daily in front of my computer, building my own world of imagination. Under normal circumstances my photoshootings are precisely planned and prepared. That means that I arrange the setting beforehand to test how things will appear. But of course there are at times photos which arise spontaneous. Mostly this happens when I try to photograph children or animals.

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