MILER LAGOS (Bogota, Colombia 1973 - )


The sculptural works of Miler Lagos (Bogotá, 1973) invite the viewer to reconsider an object’s material properties. By rendering paper, sculpting foam, and re-purposing materials like rubber and Formica, Lagos produces objects which appear to be made of cast bronze or solid wood. With the branch-like forms composed entirely of sheets of newspaper, densely stacked together and sanded at the edges, Lagos’ work enacts both a fantasy of return (the paper turning back into its natural source material) and a parody of it: these broken branches are, after all, dead, and their listless slumping has something of the exhausted body about it, something worn-out. Where the branches stop, the paper is revealed, in thin slices, like a preserved sausage. Fragments of photographs appear, or half-legible headlines. Time, here, is measured not in organic growth, but in the reception of information. This is a quiet critique of a contemporary world drowning in unprocessed information.

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