Martín & Sicilia (Tenerife 1974&1971 - )


José Arturo Martín (Tenerife, 1974) and Javier Sicilia (Tenerife, 1971) have been working together as a team since 1995. Since then their practice has been typified by the development of painterly, photographic or installational scenes in which the two artists include themselves as agents of apparently conventional situations. Be that as it may, following this initial narrative reading, their works soon begin to disclose other readings that deftly prompt us to question given value systems and towards a dialectic that adopts a fractious stance against the big issues challenging contemporaneity. By means of a concise narrative of the ordinary and through an action that is never arbitrary, the conflict subtly begins to percolate everyday life. It is at this juncture that Martín & Sicilia address, from a closeathand, familiar context, the difficulties the presentday subject stumbles across when negotiating the obstacles thrown his way by this world of uncertainty and confusion in which we are all caught up. They then try to reconstruct lost meaning and identity in order to find their way again, mapping their surrounding environs through hope, doubt, risk, fear, success, sense of humour, irony, sarcasm, fun, wounds and despondency, signposting the surveyed terrain with landmarks of experience, life scars and party lights, as they round out their lives with their way of being and of behaving, but also of subsisting, resisting and (re)existing.

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