Miguel Vallinas (Spain 1971 - )


Born in Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain in 1971, Miguel Vallinas is an advertising and industrial photographer. The artist worked in editorial photography, television, and specialized in advertising. Now he primarily spends his time working on his own personal artwork, which focuses on contemporary architecture, cityscape, portraits, etc. When creating his work, Vallinas studies in depth the setting and lighting as well as other determining factors to create the astounding pieces. The photographer uses his own topics of interest as focal points to incite deeper reflection; the viewer experiences freedom of imagination when experiencing his artwork. In his art we can understand the meaning of true beauty through his perspective. His work has been displayed in numerous countries around the world. His later work, which is more surrealist, is a study of man: what we really are, who we want to be, and who we think we are, all through Vallinas’ own eyes

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