Nak Jeon (SEOUL - )


Jeon Nak is a Korean born artist. In his series, swirling vortexes of light and color emerge from a dark ground. Nak’s works depict three-dimensional, imaginary spaces that morph and change, starting as one thing and becoming something else; the printing methodology allows the image to move and change with the angle of vision. With a desire to explore the science and technology that can be used to improve the performance of buildings both socially and environmentally, architecture has brought out the overall structure of the lenticular lenses in this series titled Axis, Nexus and Vortex. It would be difficult to these images and not to be reminded of mathematical constructions or the reaches of space and the universe. Many of the creations recall galaxies, nebulae and even supernovas, exploding with color and the light. Deeply branded visual memory becomes the source of inspiration; there is both clarity and mystery in that geography, with its seemingly endless space that brings us inward. Depth fills and illuminates these spaces of transition as it plays off in endless visual array.

Work Selection

 Nak Jeon - Axis-F5