Natasha Kertes (Klin, Russia 1972 - )


Born in Klin, Russia, where Tchaikovsky composed 18 piano pieces as well as his 6th Symphony, Natasha Kertes grew up bathed in his music. One can both see and feel classical influences in her work. The artist works primarily in photography and sculpture, often combining the two.

Kertes' work nearly always evokes an erotic response in the viewer. Her subjects are ethereal and sublime, drawn from nature and humanity, set in the most gorgeous and exotic of landscapes. The artist explores the world, concepts of time, the divine feminine, space and beauty. She fearlessly journeys to locations globally, which speak to her, where she can present her sensual perspective of reality.

Natasha Kertes is a graduate of The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Ms. Kertes currently lives and works in Miami.

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Work Selection

Natasha  Kertes - Four Vengeances of Saint Olga

Four Vengeances of Saint Olga

Natasha  Kertes - A Girl With Gusli

A Girl With Gusli

Natasha  Kertes - Frog Princess

Frog Princess