Nevine Farghaly  (Egypt 1973 - - -)


Born in 1973, Nevine Farghaly earned her B.A. in Interior Design at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Egypt (1997). She received her M.A. (2001) and a PhD in Applied Arts (2007). Her work represents a state of simplicity, humanity and childishness. The motion displayed in her swing, bird, animal and carousel pieces is what makes her work unique and distinguished. Farghaly took part in several local and international exhibitions, among them: 16th Egyptian Youth Salon, Egypt (2004), Venice Biennale for Architecture, Venice (2010), Birds International exhibition, Bahrain (2010), Cairo Salon Egypt (2013) and Peace exhibition, France (2014), she also participated as an assistant to artist Mohamed Abla in Salzburg Art Academy, Austria (2008).

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