Nomi Tannhauser (USA 1956 - )


Nomi Tannhauser, Artist and curator was born in the USA, and lives and works in Jerusalem. Bezalel and Leeds University graduate. Tannhauser was the co-founder of the Antea art gallery for Women. Tannhauser exhibited her works in many exhibitions in Israel and in the world. In her works, Tannhauser explores the intimacy of the body and its significance in a feministic, cultural and political context. In the painting series "Maidens in Blue" (2014), Tannhauser seeks to redefine the relation between the viewer and the subject of the painting. In this series Tannhauser chose to engage Picasso's canonical work from 1907 Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.
This series is on one hand an homage to the male dynasty of painting and on the other hand an act of defiance on the ways in which women are perceived in art history – an object of desire for the male viewer – alongside an attempt of reconstruction and healing.
The power relations between men and women are a central theme in Tannhauser's works. Tannhauser's search as an artist ranges from painting to social activism and she has taken part in several social struggles regarding women's rights. Tannhauser has dealt with female appearance, body image, and the attitude towards the female body, both in graphic design, and in painting.
In this series Tannhauser has chosen to paint five naked women, including herself. The women are all connected to Nomi and the art world in different ways. While using the painting modes and characteristics of Picasso and his contemporaries to her needs, Tannhauser attempts to connect the women to their bodies. Tannhauser combines humour and strong colours to create a composition in which the bodies of the women are their own. The female nudity in her paintings celebrates creativity and seeks healing. The paintings attempt to display a woman's gaze on the naked women – a gaze that conjures an independent, complexed and complete individual.

Work Selection

Nomi Tannhauser - Neta


Nomi Tannhauser - Nomi B.

Nomi B.

Nomi Tannhauser - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Nomi Tannhauser - Maidens in Blue

Maidens in Blue

Nomi Tannhauser - Vered


Nomi Tannhauser - Yana