Olga IVA (Moscow 1984 - )


Iva studied visual art since she was little. Even in her early childhood she preferred to spend hours doing drawings to playing with kids.
She attended art school at the Tretyakov Gallery Moscow, where she studied from the conservatives to make copies and restore museum artworks.
After she attended Moscow State University University on Art Business degree. Her formal art education included King Williams College where she learned european approach to modern art education. Finally she ended up her education in Saint Martins College taking a collage course as her final choice and tool of expressing her inner voice in art. She has worked professionally as an interior designer for 10 years with more than 20 projects in most fashionable locations of Moscow, London, Munchen and Miami beach.
IVA’s work focuses on storytelling, and her work provokes independent thinking. Inspired by the symbolism of Old Masters, she developed a unique pictorial language. IVA sources her images from printed contemporary advertisements, focusing on images rooted in consumer-facing objects and branded identities. She consciously manipulates these images through collage, thereby detaching them from their stereotypical associations. The viewer is able to then view the holistic image through a personal lense, imbuing meaning into the work that is distinctly their own. IVA’s mixed-media approach pushes the boundaries of collage, encompassing a myriad of techniques, from that of digital animation to printed illustration and holograms.

Exhibiting 3D collages are the last works from Iva’s Blood Moon series.
This series of works which consists of 19 artworks dadicated to a rare cosmic event when the Moon and the Earth come to the closest proximity to each other (entrance of the moon into shadow of the Earth).
During the Full eclipse the Moon doesn’t disappears completely as sun rays give it a dramatic red color.
Blood moon mentioned in the Bible, Indian epics and shaman rituals. It’s believed that human consciousness has an eclipse like The Moon releasing subconsciousness to the surface.
This is magic that happens in front of your eyes. And only looking deep into your own subconsciousness will you be able to unlock a secret hidden in each collage.

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Work Selection

 Olga IVA - Window


 Olga IVA - Devil Women

Devil Women

 Olga IVA - Jesus Christ & Skull

Jesus Christ & Skull

 Olga IVA - Time