Pablo Benzo


Painter, Pablo Benzo was born in Santiago de Chile (82) and is based in Berlin since 2013.

Pablo Benzo is a Painter with a curious and electric spirit. Currently Pablo works in Berlin, transferring
all the driving new prospects oft he energetic city into the mysterious and elegant dancing figures in a
slow motion. Taking the colors as a main tool of showing his passionate temperament, he shapes them
in harmony with calm forms in oil-based artworks, cut-outs and sculptures. In his work, he establishes a
collaboration between provocative and balanced movements and a gentle spirit in the forms, whether it
is with plants, furniture, existing objects or his own personal imagery. He works slowly but methodically
and trusts the effectiveness of constant practice for the generation of pictorial discoveries that can turn
into innovation.

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Work Selection

Pablo Benzo - Basket with apples

Basket with apples

Pablo Benzo - Woman chair

Woman chair