Peter Burns (Dublin, Ireland - )


Peter Burns lives and works in County Mayo, on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, but shows his work internationally. A graduate of the National College of Art and Design Dublin (NCAD), Peter’s paintings can be playful re-workings of myths, Biblical stories, art historical, literary and musical themes. People are shown in relation to nature and the universe. Small figures and animals exist and roam freely in his imaginative, painted world. Chunks of old dried paint are attached to the canvas in places, while elsewhere paint is scraped off to reveal underlying layers. Exoticism flavours Peter’s ambitious range of subject matter, with allusions to faraway places, Japanese art and Russian literature. The sky, the stars and the planets suggest a sense of infinity. Colourful and playful, his paintings are daring and experimental, each one focusing on a self-contained world. Peter’s work featured at an exhibition last May at David & Schweitzer Contemporary in New York.

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