Quentin Carnaille was born in Roubaix in 1984. After studying architecture (graduated in 2009 from the Higher Institute of Architecture of Tournai), he made his first pieces in which he integrates old mechanisms watchmakers. Diverted from their primary vocation, these become the ornaments of jewels or accessories which, beyond their decorative aspect, already pose the question of the time and the relativity of its passage, recurring theme in the work of the artist.

This first phase of research follows a period of intense creativity during which Carnaille diversifies its use of watchmaking mechanisms. Freed from their mechanical arrangement, interconnected by magnets, they now look like real sculptures. This is how the series "Horlogerie" is born, in which the artist expresses an intimate rhythm and gives his interrogations a universal scope by turning to the future. Composed of original creations and tributes to certain iconic works, "Horlogerie" installs Quentin Carnaille in the artistic landscape.

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