Reinhard GORNER (Leipzig 1950 - )


Reinhard works with large-format cameras, both digital and analogue. He has developed a language capable of telling new stories. He continually works to refine a pictorial idiom, the stories he wants to tell, the feelings he convey. This is visible in his pictures; Landscape and architecture are his principal areas of interest. The travels associated with his projects and places call for concentration, for the ability to get to grips with history, knowledge and people.
Reinhard is fascinated by typology and record the heritage of both the cultural and industrial past. His influence has beared upon a generation of documentary photographers: including Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff, Thomas Struth and Reinhard Görner.
His series on the vanished architecture of the past and its appearance in our own times come across just as vividly as the craziness of today’s societies that his images depict. His pictures convey both width and intimacy, and depth and mystery.

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