Ruth Bloch (Israel 1951 - )


Ruth Bloch was born in Israel in 1951 to artistic parents. Her father was a musician, while her mother worked in ceramics, Ruth’s family lived in a Kibbutz called Alonim, a place where, in her early youth, she was afforded many opportunities to develop her artistic abilities. As a young adult, Ruth attended the Avni Art Institute in Tel Aviv. She furthered her education in the United States where she received a degree in psychology.

Bloch looks back fondly on a period spent in the desert area of Arava with her husband and her four children. Despite suffering from health problems at the time, overall, it was very positive experience. The move to the desert led her to the discovery of artistic bearings and, in her own words, inspired her, "to create, to love, to wrap my family around me, to give and to receive love. I see the world in brighter colors now."

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