Sahar Alamir (Egypt 1970 - - -)


Alexandrian born artist Sahar El-Amir (1970) earned her B.A. in design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt (1993). In her works, El-Amir examines Egypt’s daily life through the lens of ‘Abstract Expressionism’, a movement, which had originated in the Western art world in the 1940's and was developed by American painters such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. The colorful paintings by El-Amir portray the chaotic world of a Cairene's daily life, where rules of dimensions and perspective are not respected. Her style is extremely distinctive, in a sense that it is different from the commercial and the figurative. It can be described as quite childlike due to the haphazard layout, gestural brushstrokes and overall bold technique. It is appears that she is looking for "visual convergence" with fabrics, colored paper and pointillism, as she takes up the themes of the city, with its lights, popular cafes, flags, etc. – a scent of the everyday, bathed in an abstract atmosphere.

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