Salvador Santos


Driven by his passion for the Bauhaus artistic movement, the Spanish economist Salvador Santos starts his career in arts thought the investigation of color and geometric shapes at the Institute of Design of the Illinois Institute of Chicago, founded as The New Bauhaus School by László Moholy-Nagy in 1937.

After more than ten years living in United States and many successful collaborations in the world of art, architecture, and new media, Salvador returned to Madrid where he intensively continued with his artistic work and experiments with the effect of color over shape. For him each color has a spectral vibration that causes different emotions, a kind of chromatic poem that induce a powerful stimulus to the imagination.

His work has been exhibited at galleries around the world such as Espacio Mannach (Ciudad de México), Eversheds, Sutherland Nicea (Madrid), Odetta Gallery (New York), The Galerie (Madrid), Ynot Estudio (Madrid), and Arco Galeria (Madrid), among others.

Salvador Santos has participated in various international art fairs: Aqua Art Fair Miami 2018, JustMad Art Fair 2019, Almoneda Art Fair Madrid 2018, Almoneda Art Fair Madrid 2019, Affordable Art NY 2018, Affordable Art London 2019, The Decorative Antiques Fair London 2018, and The Decorative Antiques Fair London 2019.

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Work Selection

 Salvador Santos - “Geometry panel” 2019.

“Geometry panel” 2019.

 Salvador Santos - “Projected Geometry III” 2019.

“Projected Geometry III” 2019.