Sayeda Khalil (Egypt 1970 - - -)


Egyptian sculptor Sayeda Khalil obtained her B.A. from the Faculty of Art Education, Cairo (1994). She received her M.A. in Art Education of laser sculpture (2000) and a PhD in Art Education of Sculpture (2006). She was the first Egyptian artist to use laser light in arts (2000) and provided the first Egyptian experience in holography art. Her work reflects the theme of imprisonment, as shown through the ever-recurrent transparent and yet solid cubic container, which hold her centerpieces. These three-dimensional, glass enrobed compositions where a collection of objects is unified in a sculptural work, posit as key signature to her style. Not only in their esthetic value, but also to the feelings that they evoke when looked at- one almost always experiences the urgency to break free. On a more metaphorical level, the physical cubic installments represent her personal experience struggling with traditions and norms, which can constrain an individual, especially of her gender in such a patriarchal society.
Khalil participated in the International Sarajevo Winter, Sarajevo (2001); and in numerous national exhibitions, among them the 29th National Art Exhibition (2005) and the Egyptian Contemporary Woman Art Creations in Optical Arts, Gezira Art Center, Cairo (2000). She earned four national awards in the field of sculpture and compound work; such as the Merit prize of the 27th National Art Exhibition (2001) and the second prize for installation at the 12th Youth Salon (2000).

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