Tamar Blum Zidon (Israel 1959 - )


Tamar Blum Zidon, Israeli painter and sculptor brings a unique approach to a mundane and usually discarded material.

Using cardboard as her medium, she developed a specialized technique in which she lets her personal artistic style flourish. Her sculptures’ organic form seems to have originated from nature itself. They emulate the work of nature yet do not characteristically imitate it.

The artistic process starts by piling and gluing together a myriad of cardboard sheets, creating a mass, from which she sculpts in the same manner classical sculptors’ work with stone or wood.

Blum-Zidon's Cardboard contains "memories" of packaged goods, travel and change. It is utilized in infinite ways in our daily lives, and though intricately intertwined in our lives, we take it granted. Cardboard is invisible to us. Yet, she brings this material to center stage, breathing new life into it and transforming this humble substance into a valued object d’art.

The sculptures are deeply beautiful in their minimalistic and fluid visual quality.

Their structural simplicity compliments the material’s plainness and monochromatic color. The exposed texture is tempting the observer to touch their seductive surface.

Blum -Zidon takes us on an exploratory journey: a bird’s view of the material’s topography simultaneously with a focused close-up into the minute details of the cardboard’s folds, curves and crevices.

The sculptures convey the artist’s intimate engagement with nature. They seem to have frozen over the course of time, creating an artificial landscape in an enclosed space. It seems as though these forms have been here from time immemorial, eroded by the powers of nature: sun, wind and water.

Blum-Zidon is in constant search for new materials and oftentimes finds new use for ordinary materials and objects from her immediate environment. Her choice of working with cardboard is not detached from the cultural context of reusing and recycling materials. She transforms the context of which cardboard is used as worthless, three dimensional container to the material of which sculptures are made from and gives them a new artistic value.

“The converging of the layers creates amazing textures which are hidden within as tiny caverns; like crevices in a rock or air bubbles created in the basalt stone after the hardening of lava. These gaps create a feeling that the object is alive and breathing. Even though this is a massive body of material, from up close it is airy. During my work, at certain angles, I see light through the crevices.”

Work Selection

 Tamar Blum Zidon - Gold Peanut

Gold Peanut

 Tamar Blum Zidon - ANTICIPATION


 Tamar Blum Zidon - Matching Point

Matching Point

 Tamar Blum Zidon - MEMORY


 Tamar Blum Zidon - BACK TO THE FUTURE


 Tamar Blum Zidon - BRIGHT FUTURE


 Tamar Blum Zidon - FAMILY


 Tamar Blum Zidon - INTIMACY


 Tamar Blum Zidon - The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle