Vera Edwards (San francisco 1988 - )


Vera Edwards

Vera Edwards, born in San Francisco, California 1988, has grown up in Mallorca, she graduated from Fine Art school in Falmouth, England in 2010. After a few years living in California, she is currently back in Mallorca, where she creates her work in an
idyllic countryside finca. She is inspired by her own life experiences, and travels. In her latest works she has also dived deep into her memories of the endless summers in Mallorca. Portraying figures and groups of people not completely identified in beach settings. People we can all relate to, we have all posed in a family photo, in a school pictures, and it brings back a nostalgic moment of a different time when things were more simple. There has also been a ‘Change of Perspective’ in life. It shows in her work, she expresses the human connection, the vulnerability and the power it creates. It is through vulnerability that we create this human connection. “I paint what I see in the world around me, its comforting to know I can put paint on a canvas and apart of the subject the paint itself will be protagonist, its the texture and the brushstrokes that give the feeling to the painting. I paint from images that I take or that i find, that evoke a feeling, a memory or a moment in my current life. The island life is a big influence on my work. And the eternal pleasure of a moment of peace in the sun. The longing for a simpler time. La dolce far niente. The sweetness of doing nothing. This is what I
would like to transmit.”

She has participated in several Group Exhibitions such as: FLECHA 2018 (Madrid, Pama and Bilbao) being awarded with the FLECHAZO award in 2018, Stone Soup
(Rag Factory, London), The Summer Show 2017 (Falmouth, Cornwall), Nevertheless Trevathan Terrace (Falmouth, Cornwall), Humanimation, Babahog Gallery (Falmouth, Cornwall)

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 Vera Edwards - “Nena”


 Vera Edwards - “Velomar”


 Vera Edwards - “Struggle”


 Vera Edwards - “Introspection”


 Vera Edwards - “Resurgence”


 Vera Edwards - “Dive”