Volker Kühn (Neuenkirch 1948 - )


Volker KÜHN was born in 1948 at Neuenkirch (Germany). He lives and works in Lilienthal.
Object Art might be said to date back to the cartouche of ancient Egypt, a framed hieroglyphic message to posterity.
Its more immediate ancestors are maybe the medieval rebus or picture riddle, the camera obscura and
camera lucida, Poussin’s praesaepe, a miniature stage used to establish perspective and figure groupings, […],
the dioramas so beloved by the Victorians through the glazed cabinets, cases and boxes of Marcel Duchamp,
Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst and other Surrealists.
The interest of three-dimensional graphic, as opposed to sculptural, subjects was revived with the coming of
Pop art and now finds a contemporary expression with the art of Volker Kühn. After several exhibitions in Japan
in 1986, Volker Kühn decides to put away his tools of engraver and to give a form to his ideas. Appear then “the
Objects”, small scenes in three dimensions which report the joys and the sorrows of each man. These instantaneous
of life makes smile or even laugh the person who looks at them because he finds himself in it. The themes
approached are innumerable.
The artist shows in an ironic way the stereotypes, the human weaknesses with which we all are confronted. By
preserving a certain distance with its subject, he succeeds in reconciling the spectator with his own defects, his
joys, his desperate search of the love or his aspiration for success. Nothing escapes the sharp glance of Volker
Kühn, which by his humour and his friendly irony reveals us an important feature of his personality. The picturesque
language that his speaks is universal.

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Volker Kühn - Blätterbild Violett und Rottöne

Blätterbild Violett und Rottöne