Wyatt Mills (Los Angeles July 1999 - )


Born July 1991 in Los Angeles; he received a BFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts, NY NY. Mills has just returned home to Los Angeles from Berlin where he had been living and working since 2016.

Mills has taken an interested in the fluidity of human identity, the infinite tide of an inner self splashing against the outer world like oil and vinegar — studying the mask we wear versus the struggle and turmoil inside us.

He uses oil paint and mixed media on canvas to explore these concepts and their seeming adverse powers of today’s society. Layers upon layers of transforming paint offer a visual reflection of the dynamic experience as he manifests these amorphic and often androgynous portraits. Combining tumultuous brushstrokes with clippings from newspapers and gossip magazines; an abundance of opportunity lies within the wreckage of any given image. Whether working in the studio or outdoors on large scale murals, Mills applies frantic creation with patient execution and mindless surrender.

Mill’s figurative works depict a flickering moment of static reality, deliberately fractured in a way that beggs us to repair them through our own unique visual participation.

“We must breathe into the allegory the breath of our own life.”
-Edward Bernays (Crystallizing Public Opinion,1923)

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