Yoakim Belanger (Montreal 1977 - )


Yoakim Belanger (b.1977) is a multi-media artist who lives and works in Montreal. He is graduated in graphic design from UQAM school of Montreal. He has directed two short films ('If I can Fly' and 'Ces femmes qui marchent') who have been acclaimed by critics in international film festivals. His artworks are presented by galleries in Canada and in the UK by >french art studio.

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Work Selection

 Yoakim Belanger - Leaving amber - Act III

Leaving amber - Act III

 Yoakim Belanger - Rays


 Yoakim Belanger - Future = Now

Future = Now

 Yoakim Belanger - Light keeper VII

Light keeper VII

 Yoakim Belanger - untitled