Zhuang Hong Yi (China 1962 - )


Zhuang Hong Yi was born in China in 1962. He studied at the SiChuan College of Fine Arts in ChongQing in China and perfected his technique at the Minerva Academy in Groningen in the Netherlands. The flower motif dominates Zhuang Hong Yi’s work – a significant image in Chinese culture which carries countless meanings and emotions yet with equally strong associations with the Netherlands, world famous for its flowers – and he works patiently and religiously on this subject year-after-year, intricately crafting his works with care and forethought. Zhuang Hong Yi’s well-known and highly collectable Flowerbeds are crafted from delicate pieces of painted rice paper, which he has bent and folded into hundreds of tiny buds, creating seductive and tactile works.

Work Selection

Zhuang Hong Yi - Four Senses

Four Senses