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Domenic Pontone   (Founder / Director)

Hope Blalock   (Gallery Assistant)


The Pontone Gallery is a new London venture created by the merging of The Albemarle Gallery (the well-established Mayfair home of figurative painting) with its associate, Shine Artists. Since May 2016 the gallery has occupied a purpose-designed, elegant and extensive exhibition space in Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea adjacent to Sloane Square and The Saatchi Gallery.
For its exhibition programme the gallery has been able to draw on its established roster of artists inherited from The Albemarle as well as up-and-coming figures from Shine Artists’ list. As the leading sponsor in London of contemporary Korean artists, Pontone boasts fourteen important players from the Korean art scene. This has resulted in an eclectic sequence of shows by both male and female artists in traditional and innovative media.

Ascension 3 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Ascension 3

Ascension 2 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Ascension 2

Ascension 1 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Ascension 1

La luce dell’orto - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande La luce dell’orto

Adriatico - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Adriatico

Corridoio - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Corridoio

Giardino d’inverno - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Giardino d’inverno

Lo studiolo - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Lo studiolo

Mattino d’ottobre - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Mattino d’ottobre

Ingresso dello studio - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Ingresso dello studio

Gli Alberi di Hajós - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Gli Alberi di Hajós

String Hands 004 - Hong Sungchul

Hong Sungchul String Hands 004

String Hands 005 - Hong Sungchul

Hong Sungchul String Hands 005

String Hands 006 - Hong Sungchul

Hong Sungchul String Hands 006

Mirror Series #1 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Mirror Series #1

Nightfall 1 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Nightfall 1

Nightfall 5 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Nightfall 5

Sera - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Sera

Perceptual Mirror 0743 (Set of 4) - Hong Sungchul

Hong Sungchul Perceptual Mirror 0743 (Set of 4)

Perceptual Mirror 0711 (Set of 4) - Hong Sungchul

Hong Sungchul Perceptual Mirror 0711 (Set of 4)

Kelly 2 - Mari Kim

Mari Kim Kelly 2

The Space with Sunshine - A Piano Room - Seontae Hwang

Seontae Hwang The Space with Sunshine - A Piano Room

The Sunshine Room (2) - Seontae Hwang

Seontae Hwang The Sunshine Room (2)

Astronaut in Solar System Portrait - Mari Kim

Mari Kim Astronaut in Solar System Portrait

Nuovo mattino al mare - Matteo Massagrande

Matteo Massagrande Nuovo mattino al mare

Nightfall 13 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Nightfall 13

Unnatural Causes 18 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Unnatural Causes 18

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Joonsung Bae  (+)

    Biography : 1967 Born in Kwangju 1990 B.F.A. College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul 2000 M.F.A. Graduate School of Seoul National University, Seoul SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2012 Moving Still life, gallery Ihn, Seoul Moving Still Life, Gallery Touchart, Heyri Art Valley 2011 The Costume of Painter, ’Moving Still-Life’, Art Seasons, Singapore 2009 The Costume of Painter, Severance Art Space, Seoul 2007 The Museum, Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul 2006 The Costume of Painter, Gallery Touchart, Heyri Art Valley The Costume of Painter, Canvas International Art Gallery, Amsterdam The Costume of Painter, Avenuel Department Store, Seoul 2004 The Costume of Painter, Paik Haeyoung gallery, Seoul 2003 The Costume of Painter-travel with C.Lacroix, Daelim Museum, Seoul 2002 The Costume of Painter, Museum of Beaux-Arts in Tours, France 2000 Naming, Gallery Ihn, Seoul 1997 Naming, Sal Gallery, Seoul 1996 Impression of Books and Paintings, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2012 Gold DNA, Ilju&Sunhwa gallery, Seoul KIAF2012, Coex, Korea Korean Eye 2012, Saatchi gallery, London The power leading contemporary art, Superior Gallery, Seoul Art HK 12, HK Convention & Exhibition center, Hongkong Living & art,Funiture, Yooartspace, Seoul Catoon World 'Fun+asy', Soma Museum, Seoul Discovered future, Vit Gallery, Seoul Korean Contemporary Art, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan 2011 Zeitgeist, Interalia, Seoul The senses; Interactive Perception, HADA Contemporary, London Korean Collective Den HAAG, Galerie Noordeinde, den Haag, Nederland Bae Joonsung, Sata show, Gana Art, Busan Fashion into art, Plateau Gallery, Seoul Paranoid Scene, Interalia, Seoul A Glocal View – Korean Contemporary Art, Uppsala artmuseum, Sweden 38°N Snow South : Korean Contemporary Art, Gallery Charlotte Lund, Stockholm 2010 Korean Eye – Fantastic Ordinary, Korea Foundation Cultural Center, Seoul Korean Eye – Fantastic Ordinary, The Art Hous

    Detailed Description : Bae Joonsung was born in Gwangju, South Korea in 1967 and trained at the College of Fine Arts of Seoul National University in 2000. The work of Bae Joonsung artfully combines painting and photography, inviting the viewer to explore the relationship between the two art forms. When one walks past Bae’s paintings, the female nude within each composition is unveiled behind an otherwise demure scene created with reference to old master paintings or museum settings. For Bae, the attraction of a still life lies not in its quiet, placid nature, but in the dynamic energy contained therein. He has said that he has always believed that when an artist paints, with his or her eyes caressing over the model, the final painting brings birth to ‘another’ model entirely. As such, his lenticular technique – which gives rise to the dynamic, changing nature of his work – blurs the line between the animate nature of his subject and the inanimate nature of the paintings that result, encouraging the viewer to rethink these distinctions. His work is an acknowledgement of what is happening when the artist views his subject; it speaks of the entire process of painting rather than just one singular moment. Each beginning with the title "The Costume of the Painter", Bae plays with a literal understanding of this heightened period mood, wonderfully depicted, and at the same time signifies this additional cloak of meaning and artifice added through the creative invention of the artist. Bae Joonsung has had three solo exhibitions is Seoul and participated in a number of group exhibitions in Korea, France and Germany. In 2000, Bae Joon Sung was honoured with the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism Award for ‘Young Artist of Today’.

  • Iain Faulkner

  • Hwang Seontae  (+)

    Biography : Hwang Seontae was born in South Korea in 1972. He studied at Kyunghee University (B.F.A) and trained in Glass Art And Sculpture at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in Germany. He later completed his postgraduate studies in Glass Art, at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in 2006. The deracinated interiors of Hwang Seontae bring to mind Edward Hopper’s moments of suspended time. The Korean conceptualist, Suh Doho, once precisely recreated his apartment in New York and his flat in Seoul in nylon and silk drapes respectively, and left a similar sense of longing to that left by Hwang’s still impressions. Longing rather than loss; for these interiors are quiet contemplative spaces. These minimalist interiors offer a rare moment of solace. As the light emanates through the windows Hwang instills an instant feeling of calm and clarity of thought in the viewer. A place that offers the opportunity to breath freely and face life on one’s own terms. In an age where we are becoming increasingly more reliant on new media and material culture, we live in a generation obsessed with ourselves and each other. The boundaries between public and private life are increasingly becoming less distinguished that there is little left to be deciphered or discovered. It seems there is no longer place for privacy, even within the confines of our own homes, Hwang’s spaces provide a refreshing release from societal pressures and show us that we do not need to let consumerism invade every aspect of our life. Hwang Seontae has exhibited extensively across South Korea, New York, Germany and Austria. In 2005, he won the Grand Prize for both the ‘Merseburger Kunstpreis’ and the ‘Leowenhof-Foerderpreis’.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Seontae Hwang - The Space with Sunshine - A Piano Room The Space with Sunshine - A Piano Room
    • Seontae Hwang - The Sunshine Room (2) The Sunshine Room (2)

  • Mari Kim  (+)

    Biography : Mari Kim was born in South Korea. She studied a Master’s Degree in Creative media, at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, where she lived for ten years. Now based in her hometown of Seoul, Mari Kim works as Professor of BA Digital Media at the Catholic University, South Korea, alongside her art practice.

    Exhibition : Mari-Kim has enjoyed numerous solo shows throughout Korea and continues to enjoy phenomenal international success. Her work is included in the Seoul Museum of Art Collection and the Gyeongnam Art Museum.

    Detailed Description : Mari Kim’s wide-eyed, pretty porcelaneous, characters, also known as ‘Eyedolls’, pay service to Japanese manga and anime culture. Often direct representations of well known political and historical figures, super heroes, or fairy tale characters they are instantly recognisable icons, popularised by western media. Mari Kim’s training in animation is understood through her use of bright, bold colours, simplified form and idealised features. With petite mouths and small noses her portraits confront fixed ideas and misogynist expectations of beauty and femininity projected by mainstream media and contemporary culture. The inhumanly large eyes are an obvious focal point in all her portraits. Decorated with Kaleidoscopic patterns, they have an almost hypnotic quality, that offer the viewer an alternative view of the world. They become windows into Mari-Kim’s all-seeing eye where reality and the virtual world are divided. The dolls do not engage with their audience, instead they look through us, distracted by a material culture that afflicts the young and impressionable of East Asia, perhaps more than any other group on the continent. Some clutch onto prized objects or wear cute feminine dress with child-like innocence, soft pinks and hazy yellows in “Marie” or “Kitty1” reinforce this sense of vulnerability. In other works, the ‘Eyedolls’ take on more assertive roles. Masquerading as Margaret Thatcher, “Iron Lady” demonstrates female strength and power, challenging ideological notions of female identity and gender inequality.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Mari Kim - Kelly 2 Kelly 2
    • Mari Kim - Astronaut in Solar System Portrait Astronaut in Solar System Portrait

  • Lee Jeonglok

    Biography : · Born in 1971 in Gwangju, South Korea. Education · B.F.A in Design, Gwangju University, Gwangju, South Korea - 1996 · M.F.A in Photo Design, Graduate School of Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea - 1998 · M.F.A in Fine Art Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA - 2002 Solo Exhibition
 2015 · Nabi, Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea · See the Unseen, BMW PHOTO SPACE, Busan, Korea 2014 · Journey of Light, Shinsegae Gallery, Busan, Korea · Let There Be The Light, Zendai Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai, China · Palette of Light, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea · Tree of Life in Island, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul, Korea · Tree of Life in Island, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea 2013 · Tree of Life in Island, Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea · Light & Revelation, Vit Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2012 · Decoding Scape, The Museum of Photography. Seoul, Korea · Decoding Scape, Dudon Museum of Art, Jeju. Korea · See the Unseen, Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea 2010 · Tree of life, Vit Gallery, Seoul, Korea · Tree of life, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea 2009 · Jeonglok LEE, Gallery Kong, seoul, Korea 2007 · The Mythic scape, Trunk Gallery, Seoul, Korea · The Mythic scape, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea 2003 · Aquarium, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea 2002 · Clarias, Nine Gallery, Gwangju, Korea 2001 · Clarias, SPAS Gallery, Rochster, New York, USA 1998 · The Southern Land, Gallery 2000, Seoul, Korea Selected Group Exhibition
 2015 · Masters of Light, Shine Artists & Albemarle Gallery, London, UK 2014 · Nature, in process, space cottonseed, Singapore · Ha Jung-woong Young Artists "Light-2014", Kwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea · FULL MOON: A Story of Sky and Earth, Daegu Photo Biennale, Daegu, Korea · JOURNAL OF THE PLAGUE YEAR, ARCO ART CENTER, Seoul, Korea · Festival of

  • Jaehyo Lee  (+)

    Biography : Lee Jaehyo is a Korean sculptor who has exhibited extensively in his homeland and in Europe. He has shown regularly at the Albemarle Gallery in London and now makes his debut at their new space, The Pontone Gallery. He makes free-standing sculptures and reliefs from humble, almost mundane, materials, principally logs and steel nails. These are transformed with great skill and hours of industrious toil into lustrous and refined objects. Their highly polished and burnished surfaces express an attention to detail and a painstaking concern for disclosing the innate beauty of the material. These unique forms are derived from the interdependence of man-made and natural. Their structural integrity relies on the contrasting combination of steel and wood. His sculptures are biomorphic in form. The shapes of egg, pod and amoeba, and the modular nature of their construction, speak to us of growth and reproduction. While we can see reference to the simple, cell-like, structures of nature, there are also allusions to the man-made in echoes of table, bench and seat. Some of these pieces are deliberately ambiguous; their function suddenly becomes contradictory: can you sit on a sculpture? Can you eat off one? They are inviting us to do so. At the same time we are only too aware of their status as ‘Art’. He makes us reconsider our relationship with the ‘everyday’, the taken-for-granted, material world. What is strongly expressed by Lee Jaehyo’s work is a concern for, and immersive appreciation of, the natural world. His winning from his environment of basic and almost unregarded material (logs, simple steel fixings and scrap nails) and their metamorphosis under his hands is compelling. This is the ordinary made luxurious by intervention, by a sculptor who can see the beauty in the commonplace, who exposes it with the craft skills of a master cabinet maker.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition
 2016 · The 44th – Madison Gallery(San Diego) · The 43rd – Seongnam Arts Center (Seoul) 2015 · The 42nd – M Art Center (Shanghai) · The 41st – Sohyang Gallery(Busan) 2014 · The 40th - Pyo Gallery(Seoul) · The 39th - Albemarle Gallery(London) · The 38th - Gegjoo Literature House (Korea) · The 37th – BUNDO Gallery(Korea) · The 36th – M Art Center (Shanghai) · The 35th - HADA Gallery(London) 2013 · The 34th - Ever Harvest Art Gallery (Taiwan) 2012 · The 33rd - Madison Gallery(San Diego) · The 32nd - Albemarle Gallery(London) · The 31st - Parkryesook Gallery(Korea) · The 30th - DOSI Gallery (Korea) · The 29th - HADA Gallery(London) · The 28th - Sungkok Museum(Korea) · The 27th - Cynthia-Reeves Contemporary(Brooklyn, New York) 2011 · The 26th - Albemarle Gallery(London) · The 25th - Galeria Ethra (Mxico) · The 24th - Galerie Noordeinde(Nederland) · The 23rd - Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts( Alabama) 2010 · The 22nd - Yoon Gallery(Seoul) · The 21st - Albemarle Gallery(London) · The 20th – Nampo Art Museum(Korea) · The 19th - Kwai Fung Hin Gallery(Hong Kong) · The 18th – Cynthia-Reeves Contemporary(New York) 2009 · The 17th – Gallery Sol Beach(Korea) · The 16th – Ever Harvest Art Gallery (Taiwan) · The 15th - Gallery Keumsan (Japan) · The 14th - Albemarle Gallery (London) 2008 · The 13rd - MANAS Art Center (Korea) · The 12nd - BUNDO Gallery (Korea) · The 11st - DOSI Gallery (Korea) · The 10th - Cynthia-Reeves Contemporary(New York) 2007 · The 9th - Gallery Keumsan (Japan) · The 8th - Gallery Artside (China) · The 7th - Gallery Keumsan (Korea) 2006 · The 6th - Gallery Marin (Korea) 2005 · The 5th - Gallery Artside (Korea) 2003 · The 4th - Gallery Won (Korea) 2001 · The 3rd - Vermont Studio Center (USA) 2000 · The 2nd - Ilmin Museum of Art (Korea) 1996 · The 1st -

  • Leenam Lee

  • Malcolm T. Liepke  (+)

    Biography : Born in Minneapolis, USA in 1953. EDUCATION Art Center- Pasadena, California 1973-1975 SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS
 2014 Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2013 Albemarle Gallery London 2012 Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2010 Albemarle Gallery London “Desire” Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2009 “About Face” Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2008 “A New Direction” Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2007 Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2006 Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 2005 Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2004 Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2003 Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, B.C 2002 Arcadia Fine Arts, New York, NY 2001 DNFA Gallery, Pasadena, CA Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York, NY 2000 Mendenhall Gallery, Pasadena, CA Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York, NY Albemarle Gallery, London , UK 1999 Mendenhall Gallery, Pasadena, CA Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York, NY Albemarle Gallery, London , UK 1998 Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York, NY Albemarle Gallery, London , UK SELECTED COLLECTIONS
 ABC Television American Can Company AT&T Atlantic Records Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY CBS Records Caswell Massey Corporation Ms. Iris Cantor, New York, NY Forbes Magazine Fortune Magazine Mr. Bryant Gumbel, New York, NY H.J. Heinz Corporation Estate of Armand Hammer Ms. Donna Karan, New York, NY Mr. Ralph Lauren, New York, NY Mobil Oil Corporartion National Academy of Design National Museum of Sport Newsweek Magazine Smithsonian Museum of American Art Sports Illustrated Magazine Ms. Barbra Streisand, Los Angeles, CA Mr. David Tang, Hong Kong Time Magazine

    Detailed Description : Malcolm Liepke was born in 1953 and raised in Minneapolis. Liepke’s masterful use and knowledge of his chosen medium, is the culmination of a long and ongoing apprenticeship, studying aspects of painters he holds in high esteem. Compositional and tonal nods to the likes of Singer Sargent, Whistler and Degas, the patterns and textures of Vuillard and an ever- evolving palette of vibrant colours, result in a combination, which defines Liepke’s unique identity as a contemporary painter. The women depicted comprise of the innocent girl next door set aside glamorous fashionistas of a bygone era. These slender figures with elongated limbs and pouted lips are indicative of models more akin to the catwalks of the fashion world, yet through Liepke’s bravura brushwork he flips the proverbial finger to the Photoshopped, touched-up cover girl imagery of modern society. The beauty of Liepke’s paintings is arrestingly self-evident. Through his subjects, he delves into various realms of human nature. Sensuality captured in an expression, a passionate embrace, the celebration of womanhood and feminine wiles are predominant themes he deftly conveys. Above all though, Leipke’s work is concerned with exploring the engagement between subject and viewer. An alluring look can turn into a piercingly lustful stare, trapping the onlooker. Such a direct connection with the subject verges on awkward and discomforting, if only momentarily, before being permitted to relax in the enjoyment of the reciprocated gaze. In contrast, our voyeuristic tendencies are provoked by seemingly catching a glimpse of an intimate moment in time, captured like a still from a film your mother would not approve of. It is a formula that clearly works for Liepke, as he continues to enjoy phenomenal international success with sell-out exhibitions and numerous paintings in major collections worldwide.

    Also represented by:

  • Matteo Massagrande  (+)

    Biography : Matteo Massagrande was born in Padua, Italy in 1959. Massagrande is an accomplished painter and a talented engraver. He has exhibited in over one hundred exhibitions internationally in the past 30 years. Massagrande presents us with intimate interiors in varying states of deterioration. These derelict urban spaces, once so full of life, are hauntingly depicted through the use of light, subtlety of palette and cinematic use of perspective. They the viewer is at once drawn inside; through a sequence of rooms, partial views of corridors or terraces. We are invited to wonder what is beyond the open doors, through each window frame and around each corner. Perspective and light, more than anything else, are the elements that define Massagrande’s work. He does not simply depict what he sees with a scientific eye. The use of a mathematical perspective is substituted for an empirical one, typical of the art of the XIV and XV centuries. Massagrande studied and absorbed the lessons of the Renaissance masters, reinterpreting them, to create his own unique style. Like the early masters, Massagrande uses several focal points in his compositions. It is as if each scene was viewed simultaneously from three or four different points of view, yet still each scene retains the illusion of a perfectly defined perspective. This is also evident in his construction of the space. The artist draws inspiration from several sources, fusing elements of different spaces together through his masterful use of light to create a new reality. In this sense, any human presence would simply be superfluous. The interiors are portraits in themselves: they radiate the essence of life and not just the remnants of their former inhabitants. For the artist each scene is a vision, re-imagined with every new composition. The rooms and artefacts we see, saturated in light, instil a vivid sense of remembrance steeped in an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Matteo Massagrande - Nuovo mattino al mare Nuovo mattino al mare
    • Matteo Massagrande - Sera Sera
    • Matteo Massagrande - Gli Alberi di Hajós Gli Alberi di Hajós
    • Matteo Massagrande - Adriatico Adriatico
    • Matteo Massagrande - Corridoio Corridoio
    • Matteo Massagrande - Giardino d’inverno Giardino d’inverno
    • Matteo Massagrande - Lo studiolo Lo studiolo
    • Matteo Massagrande - Mattino d’ottobre Mattino d’ottobre
    • Matteo Massagrande - Ingresso dello studio Ingresso dello studio
    • Matteo Massagrande - La luce dell’orto La luce dell’orto

  • Jeff Robb  (+)

    Biography : Since graduating with Distinction from the Royal College of Art in 1992 with a Masters degree in Fine Art Holography, Robb has continually made art, ceaselessly experimenting with three-dimensional imaging. Shortly after graduating, he was invited to submit a landscape work in to the V&A museum’s permanent collection, the first ever hologram artwork to be accessioned by the museum. Robb’s work now features in museums and private collections around the world. Robb is currently best known for his lenticular photographic work focusing on the female nude and abstract forms in space, which he makes in series. The artist has recently begun to produce bronze sculptures working with the female nude, a subject familiar to him, using cutting edge modelling technology combined with historic casting techniques. This radical development is typical of Robb’s open experimental approach in making art, using any combination of tools and technology available to him. In parallel to developing lines of enquiry around the nude and abstraction in his lenticular work, Robb is beginning to work on projects which investigate how we experience sound, and large-scale kinetic installations for public spaces, museums and galleries. For many, these new directions will at first seem uncharacteristic. Those who are familiar with Robb’s approach and what drives him as an artist will understand the significance of each project for him in testing possibilities with the lenticular medium, and creating new immersive experiences using three-dimensional imaging and cutting edge technology. This kind of experimental lenticular installation work is completely unchartered territory for artists. Jeff Robb works in a variety of media including lenticular photography, painting, bronze and silver cast sculpture, reflection and transmission holography, photography, film, laser light and sound installations. The galleries here are representations of lenticular photography that use a vertical lens

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jeff Robb - Nightfall 13 Nightfall 13
    • Jeff Robb - Unnatural Causes 18 Unnatural Causes 18
    • Jeff Robb - Nightfall 1 Nightfall 1
    • Jeff Robb - Nightfall 5 Nightfall 5
    • Jeff Robb - Mirror Series #1 Mirror Series #1
    • Jeff Robb - Ascension 1 Ascension 1
    • Jeff Robb - Ascension 2 Ascension 2
    • Jeff Robb - Ascension 3 Ascension 3

  • Hong Sungchul  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1969 in South Korea, Hong Sungchul completed an M.F.A and B.F.A in sculpture at Hongik University in Seoul before finishing another M.F.A in Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts in the US. Since graduating he has exhibited many times in the Far East, the USA and Europe and his work features in several international collections. The Pontone Gallery presents his latest pieces in an exclusive show at their new space in Chelsea. The work takes the form of sculptural constructions, mostly wall based reliefs, (although some pieces are free-standing). Sequences of elastic cords are printed with photographic images and stretched over canvasses or within steel frames. These images, from a distance, look entire. However, on closer inspection, they become increasingly fragmented and fugitive, as the viewer becomes more and more aware of their mode of fabrication. A tension arises out of this rupture of the perception of pictorial flatness. The images are of arms and hands grasping, holding and intertwining, sometimes manipulating a string of beads or a wad of paper. There is an emphasis on intimacy in their depiction of mutual touch and interrelation. The nature of the construction disrupts this and makes reference to the artist’s wish to ‘reanimate communication’; the disruption makes us take notice. In his latest ‘Perceptual Mirror’ piece, made from gridded arrangements of identical solar lcd units that produce patterns of random, flickering, pixellation, he asserts this sense of impermanence and constant flux. A potential feeling of anxiety and alienation is offset by the fascinating aesthetic qualities of its painterly form. In Hong Sungchul’s subtle and artful constructions we are introduced to questions about how we live in the virtual, and sometimes disconnected, world. His pieces aim to reclaim a sense of intimacy, engagement and understanding. Fast moving and blurry perceptions are slowed down and examined; the rich quality

    Exhibition : · Born in 1969 in South Korea. EDUCATION · 2001 M.F.A. Integrated Media, California Institute of the Arts, CA, USA · 1994 B.F. A. Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Seoul, South Korea SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS
 2012 · , HADA | VYNER STREET, London, UK 2011 · , gallery IHN, Seoul, South Korea · , Galerie Orem, Paris, France 2010 · , Galerie Orem, Paris, France · , YHD Projects, Seoul, South Korea 2008 · ,Kring, Seoul, South Korea 2007 · , gallery IHN, Seoul, South Korea, · , Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju, South Korea 2002 · , Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea 2001 · , CalArts, Los Angeles, USA 2000 · , CalArts, Los Angeles, USA SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION
 2016 · , Singapore · , Rarity gallery, Greece · , Comix Home Base, Hong kong · , Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, Binghamton, USA 2015 · , Exhibit A, NY, USA · , Taksu Galleries, Singapore · , Jeju Museum of Art, JeJu, South Korea · , Kallenbach gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands · , Gana Art, Seoul, South Korea 2014 · , Waterfall Mansion gallery, NYC, USA · , Saatchi Gallery, London, UK · , ARNOT ART MUSEUM, New York, USA · , Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, Binghamton, USA 2013 · , HADA contemporary, London, UK · , Waterfall gallery, NYC, USA · , Taksu gallery, Singapore 2012 · ,

    Artist's Objects:

    • Hong Sungchul - Perceptual Mirror 0743 (Set of 4) Perceptual Mirror 0743 (Set of 4)
    • Hong Sungchul - Perceptual Mirror 0711 (Set of 4) Perceptual Mirror 0711 (Set of 4)
    • Hong Sungchul - String Hands 004 String Hands 004
    • Hong Sungchul - String Hands 005 String Hands 005
    • Hong Sungchul - String Hands 006 String Hands 006

  • Christopher Thompson  (+)

    Detailed Description : Christopher Thompson was born in Grimsby in 1969 and trained at The Royal Academy Schools. Thompson’s paintings originate as much from the artists own ideas and thoughts as they are drawn from glimpses of his own life and the world around him. Working from finely observed portrait studies, Thompson manipulates these ‘truths’ with imagined memories appropriated from elsewhere, weaving an enigmatic fiction that takes on a new reality on canvas. Captured in his delicate painterly technique and an often subdued palette, Thompson’s compositions portray the human drama inherent in gestures, glances and emotions. In combining his imagined sources with observational accuracy, his work traverses the divide between the real and the fictitious – one step removed from reality, yet entirely authentic. His work expresses a fascination with togetherness and individuality, with what is spoken and unspoken. Sometimes his individuals appear lonely and detached - lost in their own solipsistic thoughts - in others his figures are relational and interacting, expressive and aware of one another. In each composition, Thompson draws the viewer into the world he has created; our dialogue with his characters is as much a part of the unfolding story as the canvas itself.