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N/A - Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill N/A
48"x36" Oil on Canvas with Slver & White Gold Leaf

My Vision - John Lennon - Patrick  Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein My Vision - John Lennon
54.5" x 54.5"
Kinetic and Digital Design - Pleated Card

Art Book - Patrick  Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein Art Book

Field of Gold - Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill Field of Gold

Exhibiting Artists

  • Hamilton Aguiar  (+)

    Biography : After spending many years studying fine art, Aguiar developed an exceptionally unique and specialized technique for creating his artwork. Once Aguiar launched his artistic career, he became internationally recognized for his highly refined and contemporary landscapes. His crisp imagery of natural elements placed within smooth gradations of color beneath a burnished resin coating has attracted private and corporate collectors across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. His participation in solo and group shows at galleries globally is extensive; he has exhibited his artwork in Germany, Korea, Sweden, Canada, and Singapore. He has also exhibited in many art fairs, notably Art Wynwood (2015-2016), Art Silicon Valley (2015), Art Southampton (2015), Art Palm Beach (2011-2014), and Art Miami (2005-2006).

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  • Nurieh Mozaffari  (+)

    Biography : Educated at the master’s level with experience as a university lecturer, Iranian-born artist Nurieh Mozaffari has been exhibiting her work internationally since 1984. Prior to moving to Canada, her work was shown at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, which is one of the largest museums in Iran, and the Sa'dabad Palace, which is a complex comprised of several museums and the presidential residence. After moving to Vancouver in Canada, Mozaffari exhibited work at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Pacific Mineral Museum, but was also building a strong following in Paris, France. She has had several solo shows in Paris at the Galerie Daniel Besseiche and a solo exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe. In total, Mozaffari has been a part of more than 20 solo and 120 group exhibitions worldwide, including art fairs such as Art Southampton (2015) and Art Toronto (2012-2014). Her collectors include the Peugeot family, celebrated patron of the arts Empress Farah Pahlavi, and several other private and corporate collectors from the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, the UAE, and Iran.

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  • Brian O'Neill  (+)

    Biography : BRIAN O’NEILL Brian O’Neill’s work has been showcased in galleries across the United States, England, and Japan. O’Neill is a graduate of the Ani Art Academy apprenticeship program, where he trained with renowned realism painter Anthony Waichulis. Brian has found great success in both classic oil realism and well as bold and dynamic abstract painting. O’Neill’s formal training in representational drawing and painting gave him the freedom to create in both worlds—the recognizable and the imagined. His expressive Contemporary Landscapes work explores the natural world around us by abstracting horizon, atmosphere, fire, mineral, water, and rough texture that is juxtaposed with luminous metal leaf. Many collectors of O’Neill’s work are amazed to discover that the same artist has created a highly-refined oil realism painting as well as a contemporary abstract—they are fascinated that he can do both. In O’Neill’s recent body of work, he has begun to merge these two worlds with a collection he calls, the gilded figure; graceful, beautiful, powerful and timeless paintings of the human form within a backdrop of flowing metal leaf work. O’Neill’s paintings have won numerous international awards and feature articles in many of today’s top art publications, such as: The Artist’s Magazine “An Artist’s Life” Sept. 2014, The Pastel Journal Magazine’s Top 100 Competition by winning 2nd Place in the still life category and was featured in the April 2011 issue, The Artist’s Magazine Annual Competition, Art Renewal Center Salon Competition, and the Art Kudos International. O’Neill’s abstract diptych “Summer Discovery” 1&2 was featured in The Wall Street Journal, April 2017. Museums Exhibitions and International Art Fairs • London Art Fair (2019) • Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY 75th Regional Exhibition • Naples Museum of Art, Naples FL • Arizona-Sedona Desert Museum Tucson, AZ • Hazelton Fine Art Galleires, Toronto, C

    Exhibition : Museums Exhibitions and International Art Fairs

    • London Art Fair (2019)
    • Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY 75th Regional Exhibition
    • Naples Museum of Art, Naples FL
    • Arizona-Sedona Desert Museum Tucson, AZ
    • Hazelton Fine Art Galleires, Toronto, Canada
    • Palm Beach Art Show-Rehs Contemporary Galleries
    • The L.A. Art Show-Rehs Contemporary Galleries

    Artist's Objects:

    • Brian O'Neill - Field of Gold Field of Gold
    • Brian O'Neill - N/A N/A

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  • Patrick Rubinstein  (+)

    Biography : Parisian-based artist, Patrick Rubinstein, creates several artworks in one piece. Through an innovative process, the artist creates his pieces in a three dimensional format, where three different points of view become possible. Inspired by the 1960’s art movements: Pop Art and Opt Art, or optical art, he plays with our perceptions through illusions of time and space. He re-appropriates icons of pop culture, and presents them in different facets, with vibrant colours in many dimensions. Rubinstein develops a kinetic universe, where you the viewer can get lost in the realm of the celebrities we adore. At this juncture his process and creative style have granted him international recognition and has exhibited solo and group shows in some of the top prominent art galleries all over the world, such as Opera Gallery- Monaco and Galerie Elysées- New York. In 2014, Rubenstein exhibited at the famous auction house Drouot in Paris France. He also received international recognition at Shanghai Art Fair (2014), Art Monaco (2015-2017). Exhibitions I Galleries Cannes – Galerie Cannes croisette Honfleur – Galerie Normandy Megève – Galerie de l’Alpage I Monaco – Opera Gallery Monaco Paris – Galerie d Art Elysées Paris – Galerie Montmartre Pommard – Galerie du Château de Pommard St-Paul-de-Vence – Galerie Sainte Claire Saint-Tropez – Galerie Bel Air Fine Art Dubai – Opera Gallery Dubaï DIFC Hong-Kong – Opera Gallery Hong-Kong Miami – Opera Gallery Bal Harbour New York – Galerie Elysées New York Séoul – Opera Gallery Seoul Singapore – Galerie Singapore

    Artist's Objects:

    • Patrick  Rubinstein  - Art Book Art Book
    • Patrick  Rubinstein  - My Vision - John Lennon My Vision - John Lennon

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  • Samir Sammoun  (+)

    Biography : Since the inception of his artistic career 38 years ago, Samir Sammoun’s talent has landed him several museum exhibitions, including a retrospective at the Musée de Marc-Aurèle Fortin in Montreal, a solo show at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, a group exhibition at the Plattsburgh State University Art Museum in New York, and entry into the Samuel de Champlain Museum's permanent collection in New York. His work also appears in several publications like Fine Art Magazine and in the archives of the National Library of Canada and the Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec. Sammoun’s work is actively collected privately and corporately throughout North America and Europe.. This includes the collections at the Coca Cola Corporation Headquarters, IBM, Novartis Canada, the Government of Quebec, and many more. He has participated in numerous art fairs, including Art Southampton (2015), Art Expo New York (1996-2015), and Art Toronto (2012-2014). Sammoun has had many solo exhibits throughout North America, including in Boston, Chicago, New York, West Palm, Toronto, and Montreal.

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  • Mark Seliger  (+)

    Biography : MARK SELIGER Texan born, Mark Seliger, is of one of the most significant celebrity portrait photographers of our time. As the Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine between 1980 and the early 2000’s, Seliger shot over 125 covers featuring the world’s top musicians and actors, such as David Bowie, John Travolta, Keith Richards and Diane Kruger. He has since continued to collaborate with high profile magazines, such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue and Details. He spends most of his time in his New York Studio preparing for major retrospective exhibits world-wide, from Paris to London to Los Angeles. Recently, In 2017, Seliger's photographs became a part of the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. He is also part of the permanent collection at the National Art Gallery of London and the Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX. Mark Seliger has published several books and his photographs have won countless international awards. Museums Exhibitions and International Art Fairs • London Art Fair (2019), London, UK • A Gallerie Solo Exhibit (2019), Paris, FR • Hazelton Fine Art Galleries Solo Exhibit (2018) Toronto, CA • Art New York (2016-2017), New York • Art South Hampton (2015-2016), New York • Steven Kasher Gallery solo exhibit (2011), New York • Permanent Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. • Permanent Collection of the National Gallery in London • Permanent Collection of the Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX

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Other Represented Artists

  • Pietro Adamo

    Biography : As a lover of travel, Adamo finds inspiration in the places he visits, both old and new.
His most recent body of artwork, similar to the pop art icons of Andy Warhol, unfolds dramatic and bold “ brush stroke” of the 21st century. Not quite pop art, not quite abstract expressionism; Adamo breathes new life into well known iconic figures, such as Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon. The result is a pastiche of contemporary art styles, textures, colours and historical imagery, which are woven together to provoke a visceral engaging response. For example, The Blue Valentine Series, archiving the life of Marilyn Monroe is individually created by hundreds of silk screens representing different images of her life and of her era. Bold brush strokes of colour and textures, are layered and woven, creating a composition of Monroe that transcends beyond the frame, so that you can almost feel the touch of her radiance. Each iconic figure in his contemporary series is given an attention to detail and emotion so that for example, you can hear Mick Jagger’s voice, read John Lennon’s message for peace is his expression, and feel Leonard Cohen’s poetry in his eyes. Each painting is unique and each tells a different story, so that it relates to you, the viewer. Many have felt the emotional pull of Adamo’s work. Due to this he is exhibited and collected not only in North America but also internationally. In the past Adamo has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Art Miami Wynwood, Art Toronto, Art Frankfurt, among many others. His art work is also part of the corporate collections of American Express, Merrill Lynch (Chicago), the Harvard Club (Boston), the Fairmont Hotel (Montreal). He also has a tremendous amount of artwork with some of the most well seasoned collectors worldwide. Just recently, this particular series has been given international acclaim at Art Miami- Context (2016-2017), Art New York (2016), Art Palm Beach (2017) and Art Wynwood (2016-2017).

  • Marc Chagall  (+)

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  • Steli Christoff  (+)

    Biography : STELI CHRISTOFF Through his fabulous patchworks, Steli collages and reinvents the views of cities that fascinate him. Combining his talents as a painter and photographer, he likes to play with symmetries and volumes to enliven these mounted puzzles. Paris, New York, London or Venice are captured during a brief pause in which each detail perfectly fits together to offer us a complex panoramic view. Here we are invited on a timeless journey in which our memories are turned upside-down by a different vision of these cities that we think we know everything about. Steli invites you to journey and travel with him in the cities we love and unveil the urban poetry emerges that surrounds and embodies us. Steli Christoff’s Paintings are showcased in private collections in Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, United States, in the private collection of Hugo Voeten, the collection of New Bulgarian University & National Gallery of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. His artworks have been given recognition and awards by Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris, France as well as by the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

    Exhibition : Galleries, Exhibitions, & International Art Fairs 2019- Hazelton Fine art Galleries 2019- Art New York, 2019 represented by Hazelton Galleries 2019 - Art Palm Springs, California, USA 2019- Affordable Art Fair, New York City, represented by Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica, USA ; 2018 - Affordable Art Fair, New York City, Hong Kong, London, - represented by Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica, USA ; 2017 - Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; 2016 - ArtCatto Gallery, Loule, Portugal ; Viva Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria ; Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France 2015 – Catto Gallery, London, Great Britain 2014 – Mensing Gallery, Germany 2013 - Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France

  • Salvador Dali

  • Vadim Dolgov

    Biography : Born in Orenburg, Russia in 1962, Vadim Dolgov attended the Orenburg State Institute of Art. Following graduation, Dolgov remained in Russia to launch his professional career, with his first major success occurring in 1991, when the highly esteemed Parisian auction house Hôtel Drouot auctioned one of his pieces. Soon after, Dolgov was selected to tour India where he had to create and exhibit artwork. Upon his return, he was bestowed with the honor of showing his work at the State Tretyakovskaya Gallery in Moscow, which houses the most impressive and valuable collection of Russian fine art in the world. After moving to Canada, Dolgov’s career continued to grow and he has now developed a unique contemporary style. He has exhibited at Art Wynwood (2016), Art Southampton (2015), Art Toronto (2012-2014), and Artexpo New York (2001-2002). He has also been the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Oil Painters of America Juried Salon Show Winner (2013), the American Art Collector Magazine Award of Excellence (2013), and the Holbein Artist Materials Award of Excellence at the 16th National Juried Exhibition of Oil Painters of America (2007). Over the past several years, Dolgov’s work has been recognized by some of the finest private and corporate collectors.

  • Sam Francis  (+)

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  • Damien Hirst  (+)

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  • Henri Matisse

  • Joan Miró

  • Pablo Picasso  (+)

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  • Andy Warhol